Toyota Prius 2016, we already know their consumption and performance

Toyota Prius 2016 consumoBelieve me when I tell you that the Toyota Prius 2016 is one of the cars most anticipated of the year. It is a salutary lesson and an icon within the hybrids, the precursor to the media that now estrana generation and we will see in the streets in the next few days. Now, after knowing about their facet more visual, Toyota unveils for us the first data of performance and consumption your car more efficient.

Us announces Toyota an average consumption preliminary 3,0 l/100 km at cycle european. That is to say, is subject to change, but it is a superb figure from its predecessor. In fact, bat their figure in almost 1 l/100 km, with the Prius third generation 3.8 l/100 km on average. And how do you get it?

Toyota Prius 2016 consumoit Is clear that on the street the car will consume more, but Toyota has made a concerted effort to evolve what is already present to reduce your environmental impact. As we said when we introduced the car, the engine heat reaches values of thermal efficiency of 40%. This figure is very high, more to be an evolution of the previous mechanics.

The Toyota have worked, especially, in to reduce the internal frictions. Powered by a 1.8 four-cylinder and Atkinson-cycle develops 98 horsepower and 142 Nm of torque. But the trick of the Prius is its mechanical hybrid, which adds a electric motor of 72 horse. The total surprise, as they are in set 122 horsepower, 14 less than the generation outgoing.

Toyota Prius 2016 consumoThe new Toyota Prius, which is mounted on the new platform TNGA, it is also lighter, which probably explains that you only lose 0.2 seconds in the 0-100 km/h in front of its predecessor. Performed the 0-100 km/h in 10,6 seconds and reaches 180 km/h of maximum. The aerodynamics, with a body type Kammback and only 0,24 coefficient, do the rest.

Toyota has toyed with the evolution of what is already existing, aside from the new platform. Updated the engine but also the batteries. nickel-hydride, evolve compared to the previous with a smaller size and a energy capacity greater. This gives more autonomy and power, lower weight and greater interior space. The batteries are housed under the rear seat, without impairing the capacity of the trunk.

The new Toyota Prius 2016, that the brand sold as more efficient but also more exciting, will hit the market in the coming months. Probably the beginning of 2016 start to arrive the first units, of which we do not know yet neither the range nor the prices.

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