Toyota Prius Prime: the Prius plug-in hybrid revealed in New York


This is the new Toyota Prius Prime, the hybrid version plug-in

This is the new Totoya Prius Prime, version hybrid plug-in of the famous fuel-efficient vehicle of new generation. As you have been able to realize quickly, the design of the Prius Plug-In is less extravagant that the hybrid version of conventional that we knew previously, adopting a new appearance is less risky, but my personal judgment more balanced, sporty.

Although your design we will talk about later because what’s really interesting are their new mechanical. In the absence of official confirmation -since it was not reflected in the press release-makes use of the same set composite propellant is formed by a combustion engine, gasoline – 1.8-liter VVT-i (Atkinson-cycle and thermal efficiency of the 40%) on the front axle attached to a pair of electric motors in the rear whose total power is 122 HP.


Design less risky and higher efficiency

however, the Prius Prime gets a package of lithium batteries even more 8,8 kWh of ability and has a configuration that will allow you to make a more extensive use of their ability to circulate if you turn on the combustion engine. Now the vehicle may be in mode power to go through 50 km, and circular speeds of up to 135 km/h. The manufacturer also indicates that the batteries can be recharged to full in 2.3 hours by plugging the cable to a wall outlet of 230 volts.

With this new set, the plug-in hybrid has an estimated consumption of only 1.4 litres per 100 km which corresponds to 32 g/km of CO2 in the section on emissions. This represents a significant improvement over the new Toyota Prius “to dry”, which approves a consumption of 3.3 l/100 km With these figures in hand, Toyota claims that the Prius Prime can go up to almost 1,000 km non-stop to refuel or recharge the batteries.


Its exterior adopts new optical Full LED both in the front and in the behind because this kind of lighting is low-consumption in addition to granting a technological image top. Attention is called to the changes in behind where the headlight diode are united by the horizontal line of the end of the roof.

Your car is almost the same as that of his brother but this model is noteworthy for having a great digital touchscreen of 11.6 inches in a vertical position to the center console in the style of Testa. The rest of technologies and features will be directly inherited from his brother, not plug-in.

The new Toyota Prius Prime will come to Europe at the end of this year.