Toyota Proace 2016, now with a range more varied and configurable

Toyota Proace 2016

The new Toyota Proace 2016 is offered in three body types.

taking Advantage of the recent celebration of the Hall’s Commercial Vehicle Birmingham 2016, the guys from Toyota have decided to introduce as well its world premiere for the segment of light commercial vehicles. The new Toyota Proace 2016. An interesting proposal from Toyota for this market that is renewed from top to bottom and will be available in some european markets from this summer.

The new range of Toyota Proace 2016 will be composed of a total of three bodies: Compact, Medium (L1) and Long (L2). In addition, to this we must add the two sizes of battle that will be available: 2.9 and 3.2 metres in length. Thanks to this, the new Proace Toyota will offer a wide range of possibilities to be configured and adapted to the needs of each company.

In the first place, the Toyota Proace Compact, will measure 4.6 meters long and will have a wheelbase of 2.9 meters. Will offer the area of a van derived from tourism with a load capacity of a MDV. Will have a cabin with three seats and a load volume of 4.6 cubic metres. In addition, it can be converted into a combi of up to nine squares oriented to the transport of people and another cabin with platform. Both of which are available from the first quarter of next year.

Toyota Proace 2016

The range is made up of two trim levels: Business and Comfort.

In the second place, we will have the Toyota Proace L1. It will include a total of six variants the panel van: closed, mixed, glass, vehicle, transport people, station wagon and cab with platform. It measures 4.9 metres long and has a wheelbase of 3.2 meters. In addition, in case of equipping the system with Smart Charge, the maximum payload length will increase from 2.5 to 3.7 metres and the total volume of load will do the same in the 5.3 to 5.8 meters cubic.

And in third place we have the Toyota Proace L2 that, although it offers the same battle of 3.2 metres, it offers an increased rear overhang, which translates into an increase of the load capacity and reaching 5.3 meters in total length. It will be offered in five variants the panel van: closed, mixed, glass, vehicle transport of people and combi. Will have a cargo compartment of 2.8 meters long and 1.6 meters wide. A total volume of 6.1 cubic meters. The system Smart Charge increases the maximum payload length up to 4.0 m and 6.6 square metres.

on the other hand, and going to analyze the levels of finish and equipment available, note that initially we may opt for two endings: Business and Comfort. In regards to equipment, level of technology and security there are important as well as interesting news. For example, there are added side doors sliding electric on both sides, the new intelligent charging system that combines a trapdoor in the panel separator with a few front seats of the collapsible base to increase the length of the cargo area or the set of systems of safety and driver assistance Toyota Safety Sense.

Toyota Proace 2016 - interior

The technological equipment and safety has been brought up to date with important news

Will be available with warning of involuntary change of lane, recognition of traffic signs, signals, braking system, self-contained emergency, security system of precolisiĆ³n, cornering lights, alert attention of the driver and the intelligent control of lights, among other systems. Also we must add the incorporation of Toyota Traction Select, a device that adapts the operation of the Traction Control.

Going to the (mechanic, Toyota has decided to compose the a total of five options diesel. By a part we will have the engine 1.6-liter D-4D 95 and 115 HP, while on the other, we will find the engine 2.0 D-4D 122, 150, and 174 HP respectively. Such engines can be associated to either a manual gearbox or an automatic.