Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, the hybrid SUV arrives in Europe restyling hand

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid 1 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, el SUV híbrido llega a Europa de la mano del restyling Toyota is one of the pioneers in hybrids and now is the generalist manufacturer with more such models in its range. Now a new member comes to the hybrid Japanese family, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid . This model was presented at the last New York International Auto Show in North American spec, while in Frankfurt now know the European variant.

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid combines a 2.5 petrol engine four-cylinder Atkinson cycle with one or two electric motors , depending on whether the variant FWD or AWD system is chosen. They are achieved in combination 197 horses power and some interesting features, such as 0-100 in 8.7 seconds, an average consumption of 4.9 liters and CO2 emissions of 115 grams per kilometer. The maximum speed is 180 kilometers per hour. It is the same mechanism that uses the Lexus NX 300h.

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid 3 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, el SUV híbrido llega a Europa de la mano del restyling The hybrid system can work with both engines simultaneously, or any of the other two. The management is automatic, although the driver can select the EV mode, which allows move short distances without requiring much in zero emissions mode. The gearbox is the same E-CVT employing other Toyota and Lexus hybrids, which although it is not a change of drive to use, works very similar.

The versions 4 × 4 are capable of moving the rear axle through the second electric motor , which allows you to enjoy all the advantages of all-wheel drive with no need for a physical connection to the whole front axle. In addition to improved traction, also it allows a towing capacity of 1,650 kilos, a relatively large number for a hybrid model.

Entering a restyling

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2016 The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid comes with more news, is that with this variant with low emissions is that Toyota uses to present the restyling of its crossover , while in the rest of range updated equipment and the engines meet the Euro pass 6.


The aesthetic changes mainly affect the frontal , which adopts a similar recent models of the brand, with a smaller, sharp and modern headlamps that can have aesthetic LED lighting in the highest finishes. The grille also change their shapes, while the bumper. In side view the most prominent change is the responsibility of the new designs of alloy wheels 17 and 18 ‘.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2016 At the rear pilots change their design internal and incorporate LED technology to give the RAV4 a more modern look and a light signature with more personality. The rear bumper is also updated. Hybrid models are differentiated by the use of blue logos and emblem Hybrid, in addition to its 17 “wheels specific. There will be a total of nine exterior colors, including two new ones.

Inside the changes are central to the watches new box with TFT 4.2 “color and the area of ​​the center console that houses a touch screen 7”. Some decorative details also take the opportunity to update and Toyota improved while the quality of some materials.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 2016 engine 2.0-liter diesel delivers 143 horses and renews engine power and 320 Nm of torque, while the identical gasoline engine develops 151 horses and 195 Nm of torque. The diesel will be available with manual transmission and front-wheel drive while the petrol will always AWD, can opt for the manual transmission or automatic CVT.

A level of chassis renewed Toyota RAV 4 also has a greater structural rigidity , by having greater number of spot welds. The suspension has also been set-up with new springs and dampers to provide a more comfortable ride and greater stability in a straight line. Management also evolving to provide better touch. Toyota also worked on improving occupant comfort soundproofing of the passenger compartment by placing more insulation in the floor, and the rear doors. Under the dashboard insulation it is also higher for engine noise and transmission pass unnoticed.

toyota-rav-4-hybrid-2016-4 The new Toyota RAV4 also significantly improves the active safety equipment incorporating the aid package Toyota Safety Sense . Here functions such as adaptive cruise control, the pre-crash system with pedestrian detection, notice of involuntary change lanes or short-long automatic lights are included. The cross traffic alert and warning blind spots are also available in the SUV.

Also new in terms of equipment is the 360-degree view , thanks to four video cameras whose image is processed by the car and displayed so that we see the RAV4 from an overhead position together everything that surrounds it. The cameras can also be independently and there is the ability to zoom in the image.

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