Toyota regains global leadership in sales ahead of Volkswagen

Toyota logotipoToyota has recovered the world leadership car sales. Returns to overcome to Volkswagen, to its maximum competitor in this aspect, after you arise a month ago the scandal of the emissions of the German mark. Until the month of September, Toyota has sold 7,49 million vehicles while Volkswagen stays in 7,43 million cars sold worldwide.

despite the fact that the figures are good, both brands have experienced a decline of 1.5% with respect to last year. Keep in mind that the deception of Volkswagen in the emissions of their diesel engines was discovered recently and only will affect the last two weeks sales, therefore, it is likely that their sales are suffering more in the last quarter of the year.

Toyota Aygo 2015 precio EspañaAlthough the German manufacturer is not the only one with problems. Toyota is also facing a call for review of 6.4 million vehicles for a flaw in windows that negatively affect of their sales. Added to this is the bad time is going on the chinese market, which is the most important to Toyota and that has experienced a decline of 7.4% in the first three quarters.

But despite these setbacks it is expected that Toyota will follow on the throne of sales as the year ends. Koji Endo said that “Toyota will end as number one this year.” This analyst specialized in cars of Advanced Research Japan, stating that “Volkswagen faces difficulties in the united States and the European Union by the scandal, and I don’t see the chinese market getting back to its previous state soon.”

To a considerable distance is found General Motors in the third step of the podium. The us-based manufacturer has sold 7.2 million cars between January and September. This figure represents a decline of 1.9% with respect to the previous year, and their chances of overcoming both Toyota as Volkswagen are pretty remote.

Source – Automotive News Europe