Toyota returns to be the world’s most valuable brand according to Interbrand

Toyota InterbrandBefore we begin I would like to make a question, what would it be of humanity if we could not do rankings and lists? I have a theory, and it is the following. We could not boast of how great we have it all hahaha. After this chascarrillo I want to talk to you about Interbrand and rankings that elaborates on the firms most valuable in the business world. First of all I should clarify that Interbrand is a consultancy dedicated to strategic marketing, analysis of trademarks and corporate design, among other activities.

Among the many areas of work in which is present also is dedicated to value economically to the companies (19459005]in function of their brand image, reputation and strategic positioning in the sector in which they operate. The automotive sector is one of his favorites, and has now presented the value of the world’s top brands. In this ranking, as you can imagine someone , has taken the cat to water has not been another that Toyota.

Toyota LogoAccording to Interbrand Toyota is the car brand most valuable of the world. Toyota is valued in about 48.709 million euros, which represents an increase of 9 percent compared with the previous year. These numbers allow you to upload a position from position 6, 2015 and 5 in 2016. The second most highly valued brand it is the German Mercedes-Benz with an amount of 43.490 million euros and an increase of 18 per cent with regard to 2015.

These are the only two brands of the automotive world that are among the ten most valuable in the world. To go to the third we have to look at BMW at number eleven with a value of 37.759 million euros, which represents a rise of 12 per cent. Honda would be the next in the ranking, occupying the position number 21 losing 4 percent over the previous year.

Among these fifteen brands there are three that stand out especially. The first by a very positive growth is the japanese Nissan. Its growth is estimated at 22 percent giving a rating of 10.060 million euros. The second mark makes it by the opposite of Nissan. Volkswagen, weighed down by his malpractice with the Dieselgate lost 9 percent of its value with respect to 2015 to reach 10.396 million euros.

And finally we must mention the californian Tesla Motors. This year has managed to sneak into the post number 100 of the most valuable brands in the world. It is true that closes the ranking, but it is already inside with a valuation of 3.646 million euros. surely not take long to upload and be in the best place to be given, in the first positions of the head.

you See how interesting it is to do rankings, because if it were not for them….

Source – Interbrand