Toyota returns to 'threaten' with the third LMP1 in Le Mans


The second half of the season 2016 WEC has done no more than begin with the contention of some crazy 6 Hours of Mexico and however, the big manufacturers are already planning the next season. With the 24 Hours of Le Mans as the epicenter of all efforts, Audi and Porsche have already confirmed that they will stand with two LMP1 at La Sarthe as they have done this year, giving up the third unit of their respective prototypes within the control of expenditure taxes by the Volkswagen Group in their sports programs. However, Toyota Gazoo Racing opens the door to a third TS050 Hybrid.

Since Toyota returned to the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2012 has always competed with two prototypes. Similarly, has always been rumored the possibility of adding a third car. Face-to 2017 history repeats because Pascal Vasselon has confirmed that the option of to have a third Toyota TS050 Hybrid in Le Mans is on the table. As explained by the head of Toyota Gazoo Racing during the 6 Hours of Mexico, the decision should be taken at the end of October or early November to be viable in the event you have the green light.


Well it is true that the third LMP1 of Toyota represents the rumor of never-ending, but face-to-2017 the circumstances are different. The painful defeat suffered by the Toyota TS050 Hybrid #5 in the past 24 Hours of Le Mans, losing the lead on the last lap by a fault has been opening the eyes of the makers of the brand. In addition, at the economic level there is a great advantage. After developing the TS050 Hybrid of face-to 2016, with the relevant increase of the budget, to keep this economical bet would give viability to the third LMP1.

however, the Vasselon explained that the Toyota TS050 Hybrid will keep your chassis monocoque and most of the fundamental components of face-to-2017, so the cost of developing pure will be less. In this aspect, the element that can break this trend is the choice of an engine of greater cylinder capacity than the current propeller V6 2.4-liter, since the battery system will also be identical. Therefore, the numbers seem to add up and perhaps it is time to ignore the popular saying that says that any mark you need three cars to win Le Mans.