Toyota S-FR, closer to production with engine 1.2 Turbo


The Toyota S-FR will reach production

striking Toyota S-FR has many ballots to be brought to production. Not only called the attention by its eccentric body color, but it is a japanese sports rear wheel drive and very low weight that will provide us with a great dose of fun behind the wheel.

The S-FR will come to production with power contained and lots of fun behind the wheel

Positioned directly below the Toyota GT-86, which has confirmed its second generation, will offer an alternative more affordable both to purchase as a keep. From Motoring arrives to us news not only of his possible green light for moving to production but also because there is a candidate that sounds strong to move the wheels of the rear axle.

motor petrol 1.2 Turbo four-cylinder equipped currently in the Toyota Auris 120T, a propellant that ensure that since its development was conceived to be mounted on front wheel drive vehicles and rear. The block develops 116 CV and 185 Nm of peak torque in the compact. These figures do not seem very high, but is that the S-FR does not need great power of your engine.


With a weight lower than the 1000 kg propulsion and rear, this car will be able to give us great sensations at the wheel. The same block accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in the Auris 10.1 seconds, but taking into account that the compact weighs 1265 Kg, the sport will be faster, probably by reducing this figure to below 9 seconds. In addition, don’t underestimate these 185 Nm of torque.

The small car from Toyota can be considered as a rival to the Mazda MX-5. The fourth generation of the Miata has a weight of barely a ton (1.050 kg) and has an access engine 1.5 SKYACTIV-G 131 CV, which allows you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in for 8.3 seconds.