Toyota S-FR, how to production with the 1.2 turbo of the new Auris?

Toyota S-FR ConceptMuch has been made of the Toyota S-FR, a tiny sport that the brand introduced in the recent Living in Tokyo. Many enthusiasts were just ecstatic at the idea of a small coupe, which for now does not pass the format concept. Not in vain, the illusion returns to the fore when you say that it could come to production with the engine 1.2 turbo that has premiered in the Auris.

Motoring public statements of an official of the japanese brand have almost ruled that the car will reach production, so much that speaks to us of the engine that moves it, and it could not be a better option. Toyota will play with a small athletic very light and with a mean power that you might have in the Mazda MX-5 your best rival.

Toyota S-FR ConceptIn the Auris, this new propeller, named 120T, is a small block 1.2 supercharged with a power of 120 horsepower and 185 Nm of torque. Might not seem like much, but we’re talking about that it is not expected that the weight of the sports in your production version to move away from the 1.000 kilos, if you arrive.

Precisely the choice of a propeller of small size favors, not to raise too much weight, one of the key factors of the Toyota S-FR in case of reaching the assembly line. In addition, the utility of this turbocharged engine leaves us with the possibility of seeing more power in the sports model. You may even have steps of power as occurs with the aforementioned MX-5.

Located in the front part, the engine of the Toyota S-FR sends the power to the rear wheels, so that the japanese brand has in hand all the ingredients to make it a real sporting: lightness, small size, rear-wheel drive and power in order to give doses. Still will have to see if it finally hits the streets, but to do so you can be sure that the roadster from Mazda will be the reflection in which you want to view.

Source – Motoring

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