Toyota S-FR Racing Concept, it is only a prototype, but we love it

Toyota, despite what many might think, it has a long experience in the manufacture of small sports roadster two-seater. Demonstrated a month ago with the presentation of the Toyota S-FR Concept, and is reaffirmed now, with the extreme version of the same, the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept.


We love that aspect of small, dark, and hector

Will be presented in the Lounge of Tokyo in the coming month. Taking as its point of departure a S-FR normal, the developers have included a vast amount of components sports, such as the split front, the rear spoiler, the wheels of a single nut, in addition to lower the suspension and add a plastic reinforced with carbon fiber.

Such has been the amount of PRFC introduced that the weight of this prototype does not even reach the 1,000 kilograms. As is the case with the model that precedes it, the S-FR Racing Concept does not announce engine any, carry leads, but Toyota does not want to give details. The truth is that neither matter much, because with that image aggressively we settle.

however, we cannot help but wonder what engine could equip? Bet more widespread is a three-cylinder engine of 1200 cc with 116 horsepower. That is the same block that promote the Toyota Auris 120T. Given the light weight, this power would be more than enough to move with a certain joy to the S-FR Concept.


Many added aerodynamic, all of them manufactured in PRFC

For the case of S-FR Racing it would be enough to increase the power of said motor until some figures are more in line with their aesthetic. But okay, leaving the topic motor apart, all the rumors suggest that the Toyota S-FR Concept will reach the production phase. Another issue is its Racing version, because we do not believe that we will come to see it as is.