Toyota says goodbye to the old FJ Cruiser with the Final release Edition

it Is sad to have to tell you this news but the Toyota FJ Cruiser is dismissed permanently from us. This all way (or better said, all-terrain) came on the market in the already distant year 2006, and did to to recall the image and spirit of the Land Cruiser FJ40 of the years 60. In Europe, it was only on sale for a short period of time, but it has been in other markets where it has made an impression on the depths of the public.

Technically speaking, the Toyota FJ Cruiser was developed on the chassis of the pick up Hilux (previous generation) and the Land Cruiser Prado sold in other markets. This feature made it suitable to circulate in places where few models would dare to get mixed and it reached a good fame in countries where the roads are difficult to travel at certain times of the year.

however, the passage of time has been very cruel with the FJ Cruiser because where other models of the brand (and the competition) have managed to maintain or improve their sales, she has not been able to do it. For this reason, the firm decided to remove it gradually of the markets in which still sold (mainly the united States, Mexico and the Middle East) and kept it in his catalogue of japanese.

In it has lasted a couple more years, but to Toyota as it is not cost-effective keep this ancient model in production and has decided to withdraw it from the circulation with a special edition. The Toyota FJ Cruiser Ultimate Edition is available with a single tone to the body (beige) to match your interior upholstery, inserts, in black color on the dashboard and new alloy wheels of 20 inches.

Mechanically the FJ Cruiser keeps the petrol engine air intake and configuration V6 with 4 liters in the front. The purpose of its production is expected to be December 31, 2017 and before that happens, Toyota expect to sell around 200 units per month. A pity that a model of these features to go from this world without a successor and leaving that all roads will lose his job.

Sources – Toyota

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