Toyota Setsuna Concept, the prototype made of wood

Toyota Setsuna ConceptToyota has unveiled a curious prototype that will not be presented at the Geneva motor show or any other event automobile, but in the Milan Design Week. There will make its debut next month of April, the Toyota Setsuna Concept, a prototype where the material will be wood. Her name means “time” in japanese and want to reflect the fleeting and beautiful moments experienced by people with their cars.

As we said, the exterior panels of your car body are made of wood japanese cedar. On the other hand, the chassis is also made of the same material, in this case, taking the wood of the birch japanese. For its assembly, it has been used a technique of traditional woodwork, known as ‘okuriari’ which consists in assembling these wooden structures without the use of screws or nails.

Setsuna Concept is a small two-seater that dispenses with the roof and which has a size of 3,03 metres long, 1.48 metres wide and only 97 centimeters high. Its wheelbase is 1.7 meters. Their appearance may remind the of a boat, although it is driven by a small electric motor of the not yet revealed details. Although the performance or autonomy will not be very extensive.

The vehicle therefore it is basically a design exercise with a meaning, something poetic. The brand wants to emphasize the sentimental value who acquired the cars after the passage of time and experiences with their owners. In this way they claim that they would like “the viewer to imagine as Setsuna gradually to evolve a character complex and unique with step of the years.” For more details and see more images there will be to wait for the Milan Design Week which will begin on April 11.

Sources – Toyota