Toyota Skydrive, the flying car of the future will be in 2018

Toyota Skydrive

Maybe you fly with a car he had never been so near as now, and that is that the Toyota Skydrive, designed by 30 workers, in her free time, it can be a reality more that of a science fiction movie.

the End of 2018, that is the date set for the flight proof-of-concept, dubbed Skydrive. The idea of the project Skydrive began in 2012 when, Tsubasa Nakamura and a group of friends won a competition with the early designs of a vehicle flying.

The team began to develop the project in 2014 and since then has been gaining strength little by little and testing prototypes to scale with success. But now with Toyota in support of the project, there will be a prototype on a large scale for a manned test flight.

Skydrive will be a vehicle of 2.9 meters length, 1.3 meters wide and 1.1 high, which will turn into the flying car world’s smallest. driving speed will be 150 km/h.

The guys from Toyota are investing more than 315.000€ on converting the project to Skydrive in reality. And is that the development team of this vehicle flying waiting for a version list for the 2020, so that the Skydrive could be the manager of to light the flame at the Olympic Games that will be held in Tokyo in that same year.

Toyota decided to support this group of 30 workers, under the name of Cartivator, after the president of Toyota, Takeshi Uchiyamada, known for being the father of the Prius, decided that “the things they will not make progress if you wait and you give money only when the technology is already developed“.

Toyota Skydrive

Skydrive shares characteristics of technology used in drones, including the four-bladed with the rotor. By varying the speed in each rotor, you can control the direction of travel. Is designed to maintain a height of less than 10 meters above the ground and will use the technology of vertical takeoff and landing, so that it does not require roads specialized to do this.

The group of workers, Cartivator, and believe they can get a commercial version that goes on sale to the public in 2023 and may be available to the world market in 2030.

Built with a design that will allow you to change shape, the vehicle’s futuristic hidden wings under his body sticking out of a hatch at the same time that the propulsion system when the driver is ready to take off. Their wings will be deployed in a manner similar to the wings of birds.

The fuselage will be made with some yarn that will withstand the voltage between the frame. A power system comprising a battery, a turbine, internal combustion engine, a fuel cell or other energy conversion devices will be enough to propel the Skydrive to the heavens. In addition to feeding, the energy system could also power a propulsion system in flight mode.

Toyota Skydrive

is Not the first time that Toyota investigates about flying cars as in 2014 they filed a patent for a vehicle flying that could make the transition from a conventional car to a flying machine.

The idea of Toyota is not unique since several companies carry time with a similar project in his head. Without going any further, executives like Larry Page, independent companies like AeroMobil or Lilium and companies as important as Uber or Airbus are added to this fashion. Tesla however, he chooses to move people through tunnels for the cars to travel about 200 km/h on top of a kind of wagon. Will have to see what technology takes the cat to the water finally.

Without doubt, there is that to thank to the developers by breaking again the barriers of science fiction and for allowing us to see more clearly that the future is not so far away as we think.