Toyota sold in 2025 to ten electric models

Being a pioneer in the automotive sector means not only mark the way to your opponents, but become a firm at the forefront of the technique. Toyota it takes years to be successful with the sale of their hybrid models, but until now has not been put to work with the electric cars. In this field the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz or BMW will have an advantage, however, is something that until now had not worried the leaders of the japanese firm.

After selling more than seven million hybrid models in all the world Lexux and Toyota have decided that for the year 2025 will be on the market until ten electric models. The main goal that you have marked would be to be commercialised before 2030 up to one million cars driven by electricity. After this change of strategy is underlying the need of improve the quality of the air leaving use in their cars fossil fuels that emit carbon dioxide and other substances.

Taking into account their plans, it is not unlikely that they have stopped projects that were already working to give the green light to new models which did not have variants hybrid or electric. Lexus will become an important pillar of this strategy, as the Toyota Group wants to increase the number of hybrid cars and batteries that are going to occupy new segments of the market.

This part of the program that have been marked for the decade 2020 – 2030 also includes Toyota. To do this they are working on hybrids cheaper as well as the technology necessary for recycling of the used batteries of their cars in addition to the need to increase the energy density in the batteries that you currently have developed.

In fact, the first electric model that will launch to the market (the others should keep their pattern of sale) shall be placed on the market in the main countries where it is present the signature, including Europe. This model will join the increasingly wide range of hybrid models that are currently marketed, to add in the year 2025 a total of sales of 5.5 million cars.

This plan is very ambitious, and more taking into account that Toyota not yet fluent as some of its rivals the technology that used electric cars. However, their know-how is broader than that of their rivals in other complementary aspects and here knows more than its rivals. For this reason, it deserves a round of applause for the reduction of up to 90 per cent of its environmental impact for the year 2050.

Sources – Toyota

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