Toyota Supra 2018, BMW X7 2018 and SEAT Ibiza 2017: spy photos November 2016

Fotos espía de Noviembre 2016

Compilation of the spy photos of the car published in November of 2016.

last November has been very productive in terms of spy photos. Our photographers spread across the key locations in which brands and car manufacturers develop and test their upcoming releases, have managed to “lay a glove” to numerous developments that will reach the dealers in the following years. As we do each month, we present to you our compilation of the best spy photos that we have published during that period of time.

BMW has turned out to be one of the brands that has pulled out to “walk” their models are in development. In the month of November we managed to hunt down some of the releases more important will be the German firm in the next. One of them has been the BMW X2 2017. The new SUV from BMW has left to see the streets of Munich (Germany) with a bit less camouflage.

And we also keep track of the expected BMW X7 2018 for the first time has shown with his body permanently. It will be the greatest exponent of luxury, comfort and exclusivity of the family of BMW X. this SUV seven-seater that will be in dealerships sometime in the year 2018. And since we are talking about the range SUV from BMW, we have managed to photograph once again at the BMW X3 2017 as well as the BMW X5 2018.

Fotos espía de Noviembre 2016

radically Changing segment, but following the
models of the German firm, in November we publish some interesting photos
spy the BMW Series 2 Coupé in 2018 as well as the BMW 5-Series Touring 2017 and the
new BMW 6 Series GT. As you’ll see, looming very important news of the hand
BMW. The we will be close to all of them in the coming months.

Taking now a look at the spy photos of Mercedes published during the past month, we have several protagonists. One of them is the next generation of Mercedes G Class. As we well know, the engineers of the German mark are working on the new generation of its iconic off-roader. We have been able to hunt both the Mercedes G-Class 2018 as the Mercedes-AMG G63 2018, your version more sports.

Another of the most interesting innovations that have left us the spy photos of Mercedes has been a mysterious Mercedes C-Class, which as we discovered in exclusive, was equipped with an energy recovery system. To do this we add a mule of the Mercedes F-Cell Hybrid as well as the new Mercedes C-Class Estate 2018. And following with other German brands, a few spy photos that we can’t leave aside are the ones that we get from the Porsche 718 Boxster GTS and the new Opel Corsa 2019.

Fotos espía de Noviembre 2016

Leaving aside the German manufacturers, we must also
highlight the spy photos of the new urban crossover from Hyundai that you are working on
the trademark south Korean or new Hyundai i30 CW 2017. And speaking of Hyundai, during November, we photographed the new SEAT Ibiza 2017 disguised as a Hyundai i20. This is not the first time that the Spanish brand uses a “disguise” to make it passed the prototype for a vehicle of the competition.

The new Toyota Supra 2018 has also been photographed by
our boys, like the Jaguar I-Pace 2018. Two models that will
a lot of what to talk about in the next few years. And to finish with this
compilation of spy photos, it is interesting to comment on the pictures of the Lexus LS 2018 or the MINI Countryman JCW published during the past month of November.