Toyota Supra 2018: the best and closest photos of the mules testing


The new Supra in detail.

Until now, there have been few occasions in which we have been able to see the mules of tests of the new Toyota Supra, whose development is being carried out in Europe, from the hand of BMW. In recent months we have even leaned to the inside, even with elements of the German brand and we have also been able to check as its forms have evolved, but we’ve never been able to zoom in as much as up to this time.

Our photographers have managed to hunt one of these test units while was filled up, being able to take the best close-ups that exist in the model.

At a glance, one sees quickly that this issue has the same characteristics as the last units that we have been able to analyze, although in these images we can delve into the details of its body and its elements.


The first front plane is the image most revealing.

One of their most characteristic features is his strange proboscis front, that we have been able to see in all the test units and that clearly recalls the nose of the Toyota FT-1 concept. In the top photograph, we see the strange shape of this volume, although we can also see the lines of union of the elements of the false body, so that we can’t trust too much of their ways.

Into the same image, we discover the interior of the air intakes front, showing the great distance that exists between the outside of the bumper and the inside grates, after which, we find two elements with a new grill that does not allow us to catch a glimpse to which they belong. Do not overlook or radiators on the sides or in the central hole, which is more hidden.

The large amount of screws and rivets reveal the provisional of all the caps are visible, from the bumper to the hood.


Lenses temporary also in the behind.

At the back we find the same scheme. Many tapas cleverly overlapping that seem to be part of your body, but they really are not.

Here we discover the gaps the real body, which also has the same vinyl, so that to the naked eye is almost impossible to see.

lenses we can see them in detail, and are composed of separate elements that make us think that they are so temporary as the own body of the model. We also find a sticker with the inscription handwritten “TOTOW”, which really means “TO TOW” (tow), indicating the point of trailer.


In October we will see a new concept.

finally, we found multiple perforations, such as those of the central area of the bottom, although we can not guess at a glance what will be their role. huge brake discs front, together with the large step wheel makes us think that they are intended for tires of greater size.