Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro: an F-150 Raptor japanese, pocket size

Toyota Tacoma is the pick-up medium that Toyota sells in the united States. It is comparable to the legendary Hilux in size, although it has a more playful. It is a vehicle fetish of many off-roaders thanks to its great capabilities and a huge community of support, with an aftermarket enviable. Toyota has just presented at the Salon of Chicago, the Tacoma TRD Pro, the more dirty and adventurous than ever. It could almost be considered a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor pocket, of japanese origin.

TRD has created a machine ready for use off-road severe, with a chassis very reinforced.

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro takes it even further the great capabilities off-road Toyota Tacoma, with a mechanical preparation although it does not touch the engine, it reinforces the gear train of the Tacoma to a level never seen from the factory. Has a suspension prepared by TRD, 2.5 cm higher than that of a Tacoma TRD – already prepared for the off-road – and road with dampers signed by Fox Racing. It is the same company that makes the suspension system of the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, by the way.

toyota-trd-pro-14Under the chassis with additional protections designed to protect the low. Of series, your all-wheel drive powertrain features a locking rear differential and a gearbox reduction drive, since be equipped with a manual gearbox or automatic gearbox, both six relations. It is a propulsion vehicle normally, with its all-wheel drive connectable at the will of the driver. Their tires off-road Goodyear Wrangler high profile are reinforced with kevlar and mounted on rims of 16 inches.

There is a off-road of truth, with lockable differential, gearbox and a readiness kit off-road.

Aesthetically it’s a car really aggressive, with a calender sole, and a hood that has practiced a large opening for cooling front. Your bumper is new and in it were mounted some beautiful fog lights with LED technology. In its interior provides an anchor for GoPro camera series computer infotainment of last generation, with assists to the conduction between the cross-traffic alert, rear, or a warning device of vehicles at a standstill.

toyota-trd-pro-9Its instrumentation is more advanced than that of a Tacoma series, with an inclinometer and the Toyota Multi-terrain Select will help us out of the quagmires in which we are plunged, with five driving modes to optimise traction. Under the hood we find an engine 3.5 V6’s maximum torque, which replaces the previous V6 four liter Atkinson cycle and the same power and lower consumption: your maximum power of 278 HP, and is associated with automatic gearboxes or manual, in both cases of six relations.

Source: Toyota
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