Toyota takes a step in equality with a couple lesbian in her spot

Today we have been connoisseurs of one of those news that make us smile of happiness; for the japanese manufacturer Toyota, in its new campaign for the Italian market of the new RAV4 Hybrid, have been introduced to a couple lesbians in its definition of family.

The announcement, with a touch of warrior seeks to redefine the meaning of various definitions to which the company has anchored a single thought. “The words of always today have a new meaning” reads the slogan, letting us see situations that the majority of people are stereotyped when they are named with terms such as office, house, school, beauty, family, retirement, competition or power, which will hardly be associated with a hybrid vehicle such as the japanese.

And it is that, despite the fact that in Spain since the year 2004, is a recognized marriage between persons of the same sex in Italy continues to remain a taboo subject that no one wants to talk about, and it is even censored in the territory, as occurred in past months with an ad of Renault with connotations lesbian, which we already did echo a few years ago.

step by Step, equality and integration are made present in the society and, as is the case in the advertising.