Toyota Tundra: new design for the pick-up, japanese, “Made in the USA”


The Toyota Tundra will receive soon a slight update.

After the facelift of the Ford F-150 in Detroit, the best-selling model in the segment, their rivals begin to appear before the lens of our photographers spy. On this occasion we find the Tundra, the pick up full size Toyota, which seems to be subjected to a slight upgrade aesthetics.

The Tundra is probably the model of the brand that is away aesthetically from the DNA of Toyota. To the naked eye looks like one of those huge pick ups americans more, and in fact is, since that is built and primarily intended for this market.

These images were taken in California and we reveal a copy of the Tundra with a thick camouflage front. This just allows us to see nothing, worse by what seems to continue to count with that huge front grille, the chrome that so characterized. The rest of the model remains the naked, that does not mean that you will not receive modifications.


In the back we don’t appreciate nor changes nor camouflage.

In behind, we are likely to see drivers with a new design, but little more. Where if we’re going to find changes in the front end and probably in the equipment. The camouflage of this unit suggests that the front will be redesigned, with a new grille, which will surely continue to dispose of the enormous size of the current, although their lines change.

The optical group front are very similar to those of today, so probably this unit is not equipped with new optics, which surely have the same dimensions and outer shape that the current, but with new interior elements.

In the interior will be to wait for the appearance of improvements in the section of materials, and an update in the area of infotainment. The Tundra current corresponds to the second generation of the model, although in 2013, it was presented the Tundra 2014, with many developments in both the aesthetic plane as a technician.