Toyota Turns the Concept, the advancement of a prototype for Tokyo 2016


The new prototype of Toyota is called ViRA Concept

These are the first images of the Toyota Turns the Concept, an attractive SUV that we will see supposedly in the Lounge of Tokyo 2016. His high-body two-door, bulging steps of wheels and silhouette of the coupé gives you a look really distinctive.

Blend of SUV and sporty Shooting Brake

Thus it appears the future of Toyota, with a front that conveys aggressiveness by sharp lines, reminiscent of the sport’s most valued manufacturer. Your body only has two doors, large glazed areas while the fall of the roof reminds us of the versions Shooting Brake that mixed dynamism and practicality for the family. Your features of the SUV are observed using , his high body and the protections plastic of its marked wheel arches.


the fall of The roof reminds us of the bodies Shooting Brake

Toyota has not given too many details of what represents the prototype, except that its name is obtained by concatenating the first two letters of two models manufacturer: the ViTZ (Vi), known as Toyota Yaris in other markets such as the us, and the Toyota RAV4 (RA): ViRA. Although really few traits we see of both models in this prototype, and to us strange that does not possess the features ) FT ( “Future Toyota”) of the prototypes of the brand.

These first two images are digital, we are ahead of what Toyota will be presented to us certainly during the next Hall of Tokyo, for which there still remain quite a few months. What we are sure of is that it will serve to pre-empt in any way the future models of the manufacturer nippon.