Toyota UBox Concept, a electric for the Generation Z

Will surely be the car’s strange that you see today. Toyota teamed up with students from Clemson University to create the prototype electric UBox.

Toyota-uBox-concept-02Creado in the course of two years, the concept UBox has a exterior and interior design, which according to its creators, is designed to achieve attract buyers Generation Z, that is to say people born after the year 1995.

The car is part of a program called Deep Orange, through which students are immersed in the entire process of the development of a car, covering all of the areas, whether from the engineering and design, to the aspects related to the market research for its possible commercialization.

Outwardly is truly bizarre, with a square shape, and a roof curved, with a front that hides a LED daytime running lights, rear doors opening suicide, and a ceiling made of glass.

In the interior the antics continue and are presented with a format that is modular and highly customizable, as their seats can slide on tracks or can be removed according to the need.

in Addition, its designers felt that customers should be able to configure the interior to measure and for this imagined an online community, through which owners will be able to share the design of certain elements of the interior, such as vents, trim and moldings. These designs could then be downloaded and played by using the technology of 3D printing.

although Toyota has not provided details about their propulsion system, so only limited to transmit that the UBox has an electric propulsion system.