Toyota wants to improve its image to be more strong in Europe

Toyota C-HR producción TurquiaToyota, despite of the economic results announced a few days ago, has placed great hopes in the european market. Is one of the most important pillars for the japanese firm thanks to the revitalization that is living out their range of models are achieving greater acceptance among the buyers of the old continent. Good proof of this is that every day their quota of vehicles hybrid is growing in most european countries.

is gradually releasing models on the market that draw the attention of the customers since until recently a five-year period their designs spent more for being anódinos that emotional. That is changing, and as proof of this we have, that will be by design the toughest rival of the Nissan Juke, the new all-way hybrid C-HR. This is why the brand wants to take advantage of the good moment that you are living in Europe to strengthen its image-based increase quality and focus more on the needs and satisfaction of its customers.

Toyota Auris 2016

According to Karl Schlicht, executive vice president of Toyota Europe, the objective of the firm is to strengthen its brand image in Europe through the design and manufacture of best cars. With this they want to reposition the brand by giving it a more fresh and youthful, which makes cars for all segments of the market. To do this will continue to believe for their hybrid technology and by implementing new models of propulsion such as the electric models.

Another of the pillars on which he will base this new strategy of Toyota Europe will be to bring the brand to the customer. To do this will change your current business model and focus (even more, if possible) on the client and their satisfaction. The idea behind the brand is to improve your creativity when developing new campaigns in the media (traditional and digital) to reach the largest possible number of customers.

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