Toyota wants to surprise us with this new system at CES

sistema-de-generacion-cartografica-toyot autonomous cars used as the base in its operation, detailed maps that contain all the necessary information on lanes, intersections, speed, etc…so will be looking at these maps the greatest possible accuracy.

Toyota will display in its booth CES in Las Vegas a new generation system map of great precision that will use data from cameras and GPS devices.

The system uses vehicles everyday to take images through the cameras equipped to collect to obtain information about the path of movement and immediately the information will be sent to the data center where you will be part of a puzzle of data that is constantly updated.

The collected data are essential for the conduction of the future.

What differentiates this system from other maps, like the one that is being developed by Google for example, it is not being generated by a specific vehicle with its sensors geared to this task, but the maps will be generated and updated by ordinary vehicles.

In this system, Toyota has used technologies for generation of spatial information stored in the cloud for part of your subsidaria Toyota Central R&D Labs to obtain images from vehicles of a group of selected users.

This technology discards the use of laser scanners, three-dimensional, which are less accurate, and bet on the combination of images that will be correcting and updating constantly.

Is expected include this system in the first autonomous cars will reach the market 2020.