Toyota will be overcome by the main emerging markets with the Etios

Toyota Etios

Toyota Motor Corporation has closed in 2016 as the second group that have the largest number of cars has managed to sell around the world. The 9,94 million cars show that the signature is a safe value for consumers and therefore they want access to markets that are not yet present in a significant way to improve their sales results. The developing countries are their next target and to gain access to them are working in a line of vehicles low cost next to Daihatsu.

While these cars arrive, the signature japanese has been decided that the Etios will be in charge open the doors in countries as important as Brazil. This model of court economic is manufactured from the year 2012 in the assembly plant at Sorocaba in Sao Paulo but due to its lack of reception in the country the firm is going to make some adjustments to make it more attractive in front of the competition.

Toyota Etios

This model was designed from zero to sell it in markets as diverse as India, Africa and Latin America and its cost of development was not very economical so that its failure would put in evidence the signature. To fix it have decided to to study the client of Latin America in order to give them what they really require. The person in charge of carrying out this work is Steve St. Angelo, Director of Operations of Toyota in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The main problem that have been found in the signature is that the brazilian customers do not want to acquire a vehicle that has been designed for consumers of India. Therefore, the firm have decided to make several cosmetic changes to make it a more robust in addition to modifying the safety equipment. Other of the actions to be undertaken by the firm is that they will dedicate a greater budget to the countries that are part of this expansion strategy, to the sales network and sales management can perform in the best conditions the work.

All this must serve for improve your sales in the countries of Latin America and allow you to ascend from the current seventh position in Brazil up to the top three. While both the Etios will be opening the door and paving the way to new models that launch next to Daihatsu.

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