Toyota will integrate lithium-ion batteries in their hybrid models

Toyota Prius Prime híbrido enchufableThe numbers support it: Toyota is the number one manufacturer in the world in terms of hybrids, refers to. Over the years leading up to the sale has been registered throughout the world nearly ten million vehicles equipped with this technology. As important it is for them that its premium brand, Lexus, has left in the drawer of oblivion, the mechanical diesel and focuses the range of mechanics, all your models on mechanical hybrid.

however, that Toyota is a global leader in hybrid it refers does not prevent have to continue to innovate so that their rivals will not eat the ground. One of these plots of land, in which was not very start, is the use of li-ion batteries. Up to now, its hybrid models and plug-in have used batteries of nickel-metal hydride but in weight, size and performance were behind the that used the competition.

Prueba Toyota Yaris HybridBrands such as Nissan, and Tesla have bet since the first time to use lithium ion batteries, however Toyota engineers have taken the time to integrate them into their teams, and boosters for various reasons. The first is for the costs of development and sale the second reason is for the greater instability that offer this type of batteries compared to the more controllable of nickel metal hydride.

it is True that their advantages compared to those that until now used are a lower weight, size and a higher energy capacity, however the difference between cost and use is not encouraged them to use. But now the thing seems that it will change. As reported by Toyota when the next Prius Prime Plug-in is installed li-ion batteries in place of nickel metal hydride.

Still have not revealed the energy capacity of the same, however if you say that the hybrid plug-in of the brand will be able to go around 60 km in electric-only mode when your battery is butt-load. We understand that this distance will be the best data-approval in hand, but with that right-a 50 will be more than fine. Now we have to see what price gets the sale and the receipt that gives you the respectable.

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