Toyota will review in Spain 81,000 to hire due to problems with the airbag

Toyota AurisWhen the case of the airbags is defective of the japanese manufacturer Takata was made public they had spent many years getting in millions of vehicles sold throughout the world. The main brands affected for this problem were the japanese Honda and Toyota. This setback caused the deaths of several people and they had to carry out calls to review, on the part of manufacturers, in industrial quantities.

The time has been passing, and it seemed that the waters returned to their channel, but it seems not. Today, Toyota Motor Company has announced that nearly 82,000 cars of yours will have to go through the technical services Spanish. The reason is again the same and it seems to be that your airbags are Takata and there is a doubt about if it would work correctly in case of impact. For this reason, will proceed to call the owners to pass through your nearest dealer.

Prueba Toyota Yaris HybridThis situation looks like a joke, but we must keep in mind that Toyota all the mess of airbags Takata has forced him to call to review nearly six million cars around the world. In Spain, this call affects the airbags of the driver and passenger and will be conducted on 21 models that the manufacturer has in its product portfolio. In addition to affects models manufactured between the years 2000 to 2014 and among them are models that are as important as the previous one Corolla or Yaris.

As we have been able to find by Toyota Spain, it is recommended that the customer before you call for service make a call to check with the documentation and the frame number if your model is one of the affected by this call to review. We hope that Toyota will fix soon this problem, and pay it off with the fewest possible setbacks both for customers and for the brand.

Hurrah for Toyota and keep betting on the security in their models although they are a few years behind him.

Source – Toyota Motor Company

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