Toyota will sell many more hybrids in Spain


The volume of hybrids of the brand in Spain does nothing but increase

In less than a month, Toyota Spain has introduced in our country two new hybrid, the Prius is the fourth generation and the RAV4 Hybrid. In recent years, in addition to the Prius, have been commercialized hybrid versions of Yaris and Auris, as a complement to the versions of gasoline and diesel in conventional engines.

last year, The 26% of Toyota enrolled was hybrid

During the second half of 2015, 58% of the Auris corresponded to the hybrid version, and in the case of the Yaris we talk about the 43%. For the year 2016, the forecast is for 40% of hybrids in our country. Let us remember that the industry, on average, puts 2% of hybrid/electric versus the total number of engines, according to the data of enrolments of ANFAC. the goal For 2020 is 60%.

If such quotas are ambitious, even more so are the ambitions on the SUV RAV4, 80% of the sales will be of hybrid version. Versions diesel will only be 18%, and gas by 2%, according to the forecasts of Toyota Spain. The volume of sales of the range RAV4 should be around 8,000 cars, by what we are talking about 6,000 hybrids.


The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which I’ll talk about more in depth in brief, it is the first hybrid model of the brand that is offered with the option of all-wheel drive. Toyota Spain believes that 40% of the sales of RAV4 Hybrid will correspond to versions 4WD, which have a surcharge of € 3,000 to equality of equipment on the 2WD front-wheel-drive.

One of the keys that enables us to understand the why of so much share of hybrids is without a doubt the price. In other manufacturers, the choice of the hybrid technology implies a high cost by being much more versions to be equipped, or powerful, or both. However, Toyota line up on the prices its hybrids that are very close to the diesel.

If we take into account that the consumption is very similar in l/100 km -actual expenditure, not approval – and that the maintenance long-term is going to be more economical, we have a approach to be very rational. We can also take into account that, for the same price, it includes the automatic and even more power. So, the misgivings of the consumer are going down.


In the ranges Yaris and Auris most sold are hybrid versions

in Addition, there are other arguments, such as more facilities to the customer hybrid. For example, the hybrids are excluded from the traffic restrictions planned in Madrid for scenarios 3 and 4 of high contamination by NOx. It is logical, the hybrid gasoline emit very low levels of NOx.

In the case of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is the only car in the segment B that is offered with hybrid version in our country. Previously had a competitor semihíbrido, the Honda Jazz, after the withdrawal of the Insight of the market. Now play solo.

Up to the segment C, the Toyota Auris Hybrid has no competitors generalists, except for the Volkswagen Golf GTE, is a plug-and much more expensive. In Premium C-segment is the Lexus CT 200h, and with a substantial markup, the Audi A3 e-tron, also plug-in.


The Toyota RAV4 will be offered as petrol, diesel and hybrid, but the latter take the vast majority of sales, according to the forecast for 2016

In the C-segment SUV, the Toyota RAV4 does not have direct competitors, after the withdrawal from the market of the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4. The French offered only with all-wheel drive, a power very similar (200 HP versus 197 HP), but with a thermal engine diesel. In consumption are very close, everything is said.

segment D of sedans traditional still pending to Toyota, as the Avensis you will not receive a hybrid version in this generation. If we accept boat as aquatic animal, we can consider the new Prius as the most like to compete in the segment, for 29.900€. Above would be the Lexus IS 300h or the Ford Mondeo Hybrid.

Toyota also does not have today a hybrid in the segment D SUV. Lexus yes, it has the NX 300h, which is close in price to the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, with all-wheel drive, which is also a plug-in. Toyota and Lexus do not sell to day of today, no plug-in our country, since descatalogó the Prius Plug-in third-generation.


The new Toyota Prius does not have versions with medium or basic, it is sold only the “pata negra”, equipped to stop, like the Prius Executive previous

Is to see to what extent the forecasts of Toyota for our market are realistic, but for the moment, the numbers give them the reason. Sales of hybrids continue to increase in this mark well above the overall behaviour of the market.

Only a tiny fraction of all such hybrids will be Prius

The model in its fourth generation has been repositioned upward, as in the second generation. To partially compensate for the taxis that will sell in Madrid and Barcelona -do not include validating – an offer has been made for the group with the Prius+, the version minivan.

there is Only one brand that sells more hybrids speaking of fee, and is Lexus. In this case it is understandable, there is no diesel and petrol are unattractive in terms of price. Having higher emissions and fuel consumption, have to pay more registration tax. Virtually all hybrid Lexus vehicles are exempt from IM, and all the Toyota.