Toyota will take risks to overcome to Porsche in the WEC


Toyota Gazoo Racing has experienced a difficult season in the World of Resistance, this 2016. Although the progression of the Toyota TS050 Hybrid compared to its predecessor has been remarkable, in the end, the reality is that training the japanese lost the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in the last lap and have not been able to waylay the drivers title or constructors of the WEC. With a balance of ‘arms empty’ and after the departure of Audi Sport in the category LMP1, the manufacturer nippon is due to its great opportunity of being able to fight for the championship and win the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

In this aspect, Pascal Vasselon, Technical Director of Toyota in the WEC, has explained that the signing is willing to take greater risks to be able to battle for the championship and add that to the desired victory in the 24 hours of Le Mans with a Toyota TS050 Hybrid that will retain the same mechanical configuration with a turbo engine and a hybrid system 8MJ: We do not expect a performance gain as large as the one we had in 2016 because some elements are the same. Our hybrid system is already 8MJ, we are satisfied with its performance,. Although it will improve some details, there will not be such a great step forward in our hybrid system“.


Despite this, Pascal Vasselon explains that Toyota is going to look
objectives are quite ambitious, both technically and in their decisions:
“I Believe that the combustion engine itself that will evolve and I would say that the great
step will come from the hand of the technology of the turbo
. It is a component that we
took a few difficulties, but we have been dominating. We are still waiting for
progress this year. We don’t know what will Porsche, so we want to avoid
surprises and set performance goals rather ambitious. Some of
these decisions will be risky, but we have an ambitious goal
that of
be reached should make us be more competitive”.

Although the words from Vasselon could point to the
inclusion of a third Toyota TS050 in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, for the moment, the
responsible for the japanese brand does not confirm this option:there is a
correlation between the output of the Audi and the decision to prepare a third car
We need to support the WEC and Le Mans enrolling as many cars as is
possible. Apart from this, our decision is not taken and will not be
influenced by everything that has happened with Audi. we are not Yet ready to set
a definitive plan
, I think that will be announced in January at the latest”.