Toyota will unveil an electric car revolutionary 2022

All the brands are prepared to deal with the arrival of electric mobility widespread markets. For this reason, Toyota will unveil an electric car that could revolutionise the sector by 2022. To achieve this, the japanese automaker is refining a few solid state batteries, which will allow you to increase the autonomy of their vehicles and reduce load times drastically.

The new battery from Toyota will be based on a technology recently developed, which uses electrolytes in solid state instead of liquid. Thanks to this, will be able to store more than three times the energy that the usual lithium-Ion batteries, at the same time they will have a longer useful life.

The information about which Toyota will introduce an electric car of these characteristics have been disseminated by the newspaper The Japan Times, which has also revealed that will be built on a new platform. The brand has not made a statement about it, but at the end of last year announced its plan to invest in the development of new technologies for electric batteries and open up a new division specializing in electric vehicles.

once the solid state batteries are fully developed may be able to reduce charging times to less than an hour. A very significant step forward with respect to the lithium-ion batteries today, only equaled by the battery of graphene that will be used Fisker Emotion. In addition, by eliminating the electrolyte liquids (which are flammable), batteries with electrolytes, solids are more secure that is currently used.

Before the time comes that these new batteries are ready, Toyota will pave the way with its first 100% electric vehicle in 2020. By not having these solid state batteries and does not have a specific platform for electric (Toyota Prius), will only be able to travel around 300 km on a single charge.

Source – The Japan Times

Image – Toyota Concept-i

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