Toyota would be introducing its first pure electric

Toyota Prius Prime híbrido enchufableelectric mobility each day it is evolving more each day that passes. All brands want to have an electric model in their ranges and if they have the greater autonomy of the market because a lot better. One of the brands that still has not invested openly in the pure electric vehicles is the japanese Toyota. The signature japanese for now is focused on being the number one brand in terms of mobility, hybrid refers to in the world.

Their range of hybrid vehicles is very wide and already covers nearly all market segments. However this situation could change in the short and medium term. The other day I we reported that lmark was working to implement in final form the lithium ion batteries in their hybrid models. Up to now the used are nickel-metal hydride with the exception of the previous Prius Plug-In and the that will soon hit our streets.

Toyota Prius Prime híbrido enchufableToyota would have discovered how to increase the energy capacity of lithium ion batteries at the same time reducing its volatility internal. This discovery would have been launched to develop the which will be its first pure electric vehicle with a large degree of autonomy. In this way Toyota could develop in a very short time its first electric car, which will have a real independence over 200 kilometres.

What we do not know is if before introducing this electric car one hundred percent, it will launch on your Prius Prime for an evolution. In this way the autonomy in electric mode of plug-in hybrid of the brand could significantly increase its autonomy in the mode of zero emissions and would be good for the Toyota engineers to study the response of the new lithium-ion batteries.

According to Koji Toyoshima, chief engineer of the Toyota Prius, could start to make cars one hundred percent electric in the very near future if the new technology responds in the correct way.