Toyota would be working on a successor to the MR2, according to Tetsuya Tada


Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II 2011

Surprising have been the statements of Tetsuya Tada in Geneva. That was the chief engineer responsible for the program GT86 and today the visible head of Gazoo Racing, has confirmed that Toyota is working to to reclaim his old line of sports models, composed by three models, and according to his words this will happen “as soon as possible”.

Until a few years ago, the range’s sporty Toyota was based on the 3 models well-differentiated, models whose positioning you are trying to recover. On one hand we have today the new GT86, jointly developed with Subaru and that occupies the place that formerly occupied the range Celica, and on the other hand, the already confirmed new Supra.

These were accompanied by the MR2, a small and lightweight sporty mid-engine, which managed to survive 3 generations, although in its last iteration turned into a roadster instead of a coupe with a removable roof. According to the words of Tada, this would now be the target of Toyota, a new and lightweight sporty with the engine behind the seats.


Toyota MR2 second generation.

What is certain is that this is not the first time that we hear something of this alleged new model, although it is the first time that someone in the position of Tetsuya Tada describes it so openly, that virtually confirms the project. Really, for the moment we do not know the status of the development of the project. We don’t know if she is still on the board design, if there are already prototypes, or if on the contrary it is only a statement of intentions of the brand. But at least we know that Toyota includes.

The british publication EVO, who dedicated Tada these statements, he claims, moreover, that in an attempt to decrease the maximum weight and be able to comply with the rules antipollution existing, Toyota could employ hybrid systems similar to those they use in their models of the category LMP1 WEC. Although they do not specify from where comes this claim, which is why we must take these words with tweezers.

In recent years, we have seen some concepts of the brand
could fit within the category of a future successor to the MR2,
as the GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II 2011 or the more recent S-FR
. Small, lightweight, and sports, and in the case of the first in addition
with a hybrid scheme.