Toyota Yaris 2016, with more equipment and paintings bittern


The Toyota Yaris 2016 is put up for sale, and does so with a range that incorporates the new finish Feel!, along with a equipment expanded -now with Toyota Safety Sense– customization and aesthetics with more possibilities thanks to foreign bittern, with roof in black color as a contrast with the bodywork.

there are No changes in its design nor in its available engines, continuing the mechanical petrol 69 HP (in the Yaris 70) or 99 HP (in the Yaris 100), as well as the Yaris Hybrid of 101 HP. Available in three and five-door, the Toyota Yaris 2016 will be offered with four finishing: City, Select, Advance and all-new Feel!


Toyota Yaris Feel! stand out for a style that is more sporty, and include a grill grill specific color Piano Black, with chrome trim and grille honeycomb. Between your standard equipment also form part of the alloy wheels, two-tone 16-inch -black-and-silver, rear spoiler on the roof and a covering that is specific in its interior, which is black. This finish Feel! will be available for the Yaris 100 and Yaris Hybrid.

Other finishes of the Toyota Yaris also incorporate more equipment amongst its standard equipment: in the case of the Yaris Active will be added to the Pack Look, which until now was optional, consisting of alloy wheels 15 inches, fog lights, LED taillights, and rear view camera.

In the range 2016 of the Yaris is a new customization option, with a exterior bittern: you can choose the top of the vehicle in color Black Tuxedo, with the rest of your body in another painting in contrast (white, grey or red).


In this case the black color not only applies to your roof: their pillars, and mirrors are also black, making a curious visual effect of dividing the vehicle into two distinct parts, above and below the line of the side windows. In this way, and despite being in reality the same vehicle, you get a completely different style, less serious and more casual.

Yaris bittern continue this personalization in your car, and the upholstery inside of your ceiling and side pillars kept the color black, while the seats are combined with the color of the body, in white, grey or black (in the case of car body Ruby Red).

finally, another important development with regard to driving safety: the package of electronic aids Toyota Safety Sense is released in the Yaris 2016. It will be standard on the hybrid with finish Advance (optional on all other engines or finishes), and is comprised by the security system precolisión, warning of involuntary change of lane, and the intelligent control of road lighting.

Prices of the Toyota Yaris 2016


The range MY2016 Toyota Yaris is already available at dealerships. prices, depart from the 10.200 euros, with promotional discounts and Plan PIVE already included.

Model Price (discounts included)
Toyota Yaris City 70 3p 10.200 euros
Toyota Yaris Active 70 3p 11.200 euros
Toyota Yaris Active 100 3p 12.200 euros
Toyota Yaris City 70 5p 10.700 euros
Toyota Yaris Active 70 5p 11.700 euros
Toyota Yaris Active 100 5p 12.800 euros
Toyota Yaris Feel! 100 5p 13.550 €
Toyota Yaris Active 100 MultiDrive 5p 13.800 euros
Toyota Yaris Feel! 100 MultiDrive 5p 14.550 euros
Toyota Yaris Hybrid City 5p 14.240 eur
Toyota Yaris Hybrid Active 5p 15.240 eur
Toyota Yaris Hybrid Feel! 5p 15.840 eur
Toyota Yaris Hybrid Advance 5p 17.140 euros

Options of Toyota Yaris 2016

Elemento Precio
Paint Red/White Classic 200 euros
metallic Paint 400 euros
Paint White Glacier 525 euros
Paint bittern, with top of the car black 800 euros
panoramic Roof Skyview 500 euros
Browser Toyota Touch & GO 2 600 euros
Pack Security Toyota Safety Sense 600 euros
Pack City 200 euros
Climate control bizona 300 euros