Toyota Yaris 2017, interesting renewal of the japanese

Toyota Yaris 2017

B-segment is one of the most disputed at present, in fact, is the highest volume of sales next to the compact segment. It is for this reason that manufacturers are concerned about keeping their models “fresh” during the maximum time possible to attract the interest of the customers during the entire sales cycle of the generation. The current generation of the Toyota Yaris appeared in 2011, renewed in 2015. Now, in 2017, it receives another update.

Feature from the japanese brand that have invested € 90 million for the update of the Toyota Yaris today, we present to you, by installing 900 new components in your model. most notable changes in this car come from the hand of aesthetic modifications, new interior design, an equipment more complete, taking into account the security systems, improvements in the hybrid variant and a new engine 1.5 which I present to you a few days ago. In addition, also a variant of high performance.

exterior Design

Toyota Yaris 2017

As we said, this Toyota Yaris of 2017 is not a generational but an update but, despite this, it is a restyling in which we can find differences clear of your body. The front is closer to the rest of the range Toyota with the new layout of the headlights with daytime running lights in LED technology. The front bumper is also new, as well as the large grill with a design in the form of a honeycomb and the antinieblas with a new contour chrome. In the side view the most striking change is the introduction of a moulding in the lower area of the doors.

back Toyota Yaris has also received a noticeable redesign. As we can see, Toyota is now searching for a few more lines horizontal, which results in a higher feeling of width. Thus, the pilot lights (with partial illumination of the LED depending on the versions) are in a horizontal position, extending slightly to the rear fins. The bumper is also new and again look for a greater sense of width.

interior Design

Toyota Yaris 2017

cabin this japanese model of the B-segment has been searched, in addition to a refreshed design, a greater perception of quality. The instrumentation has been modified to transmit the driver to the different information of a more effective way. In the center of the two dials, it incorporates a TFT screen of 4.2 inches, similar to that used in models like the Toyota Auris or the Toyota C-HR that we tested recently. Vents, lighting and some controls of the new bill are some of the novelties.

Also appear new options in fabrics, finishes and colors for the passenger compartment, so that it will be something more customizable than its predecessor; although the possibilities of customization also depends on the level of finish.

New mechanical

The Yaris is still having available a hybrid version, the Toyota Yaris hybrid. Despite the fact that the japanese firm does not represent any improvement prestacional, if you tell us that you have looked to improve the ride comfort, the silent operation and greater accuracy of the address that will result in improved management. New studs motor, transmission, new subframe for the engine, intake and exhaust system, tuning of the suspension and adjustment of the direction have been some of the items reviewed to improve the operation of this variant.

on the other hand introduces a new engine 1.5 VVT-iE which replaces the previous 1.33. This motorization the explained just two weeks ago, so on this occasion we are limited to summarizing which reduces the levels of pollutant emissions and fuel consumption, increases power from 100 to 111 CV and his torque now stands at 136 Nm. This also makes it possible to reduce the time of acceleration and the response to the demands of the right pedal.

Toyota Safety Sense series

Toyota Yaris 2017

Toyota includes most of their support systems to the conduction in the whole Toyota Safety Sense. This will be of series in all the range Yaris. The systems that make up the Safety Sense will be System Security Precolisión with Emergency Braking, Intelligent Control of Road lighting, Warning of Involuntary Change Lanes and Recognition of Traffic Signs. As an exception, the Recognition of Traffic Signals will not be in the variant of access, but such a variant if you will with the other three systems.

Toyota Yaris
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