Toyota Yaris exhibits in the Hall of Buenos Aires


Toyota Argentina led to Yaris Asian al Motor Show in Buenos Aires, to assess the public reaction. The idea is to locate import between Etios and Corolla .


Toyota-Yaris-03 S in developments of relevance to the local market or world premieres, the most remarkable of the products led to Toyota Motor Show in Buenos Aires Yaris is produced in Thailand. It is a hatchback that while the Japanese try to put between Etios and Corolla , but still has not decided its marketing at regional level. [1.99901 million]

The Thai Yaris is displayed by Toyota in Buenos Aires. [1.99901 million]

is quite different from the third generation Yaris is sold in Europe and North America, which recently received an update on product aesthetics. Which is displayed in the Buenos Aires lounge is version for the Asian market based on the same platform used by the Etios, with which it shares the same wheelbase and theoretically was specifically designed for emerging markets.

However, both aesthetically and equipment is a more sophisticated product that could fill the gap between Etios and Corolla, if the response obtained by the local public is positive.

Its exterior design seems better resolved than the Etios, offering a body of more modern lines and a visual with some similarities with the new Corolla. The same applies to its interior, which features a better quality iron and dashboard of more conventional location behind the wheel and not in the center of the plate and in the case of the Etios.

As for the mechanics offer Asia Yaris, Toyota uses the same engine block 1.5 liters already offered on the Etios system but with variable valve opening VVTI, with an output of 107 horses of force at 6,000 rpm and 141 Nm torque.





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