Toyota Yaris Hybrid with music

Want to meet new and exciting Toyota Yaris Hybrid awaits the best driving experience you in this new vehicle known car firm now also diving into the world of music to awaken our senses, you want to see?

Toyota Yaris Hybrid con la música

The Driving are too many delights the senses, they will unexplored corners regardless of miles that separates them from their hometown . However, would all these crossings not be so funny if we do not have a fine tune backdrop animase us go before we reach our goals.

Toyota are aware of this, for the same reason last summer 2014 collaborated in an experiment that moved us to a dream world where everything is possible and where music and driving would become protagonists heights.

Prague was setting chosen to undertake this new experience more than one team you expand your imagination, traveling beyond the borders of reality itself. Prague was raised during these days as authentic City Musical equipped with a comprehensive list of songs with some of the key issues in recent years. To begin the experience, GPS new Toyota Yaris Hybrid was connected to its system for playback of music, so each time you change its route and moves along a street different, sounded one Another song. Each of these streets was renamed the title of a famous song, which was starting to sound when the car passed her reference area.

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid is an example of hybrid that focuses on respect for the environment, without sacrificing its aesthetic care or its convenience for the user. Safety and maximum comfort become some of his maxims several features, including expanded interior space and strengthened their resistance.

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