Toyota Yaris, on offer: 100 horses and good equipment for 11.000 euro

If you are looking for a a utilitarian “economic” surely you have set as a budget for a barrier close to the € 10,000, barrier in the us to find a good number of alternatives on the market, however, Toyota has decided to go slightly over this barrier to offer us a Toyota Yaris driven by a motor more powerful than the majority of the versions are promoted and a full complement of equipment.

In this way, Toyota offers us a Toyota Yaris 100, equipped with a petrol engine of 99 horses, with a promotional price of 11.050 euros, including Plan PIVE, promotional discount and the discount for financing, with the financial proposal for the brand.

Without a to finance the purchase and without Plan PIVE the price is 12,800 euros, counting already with a discount of 3,050 euros.

This version body of a 5-door and the finish Select, a finish that has air conditioning, USB socket, multimedia system with touch screen Toyota Touch, multi-function steering wheel finished in leather, bluetooth, alloy wheels of 15 inches, and rear view camera among other items.

what Alternatives? The bulk of models in the B segment have promotions that make the category move around 10,000 euros. Don’t lose sight of, in What car do I buy? promotions for models such as the Volkswagen Polo, Peugeot 208 or Renault Clio.