Toyota’s strong commitment to hydrogen fuel cells in its factories


In recent years, we have been able to see some vehicles whose manufacturers have opted as an alternative fuel hydrogen fuel cell, a fuel without polluting emissions and good battery life.

Toyota has launched some models on the market as, for example, the Toyota Mirai that make use of the hydrogen fuel cell to feed the electric motor of the vehicle. Apparently you are so happy with the result you have decided to apply this technology to an area of their factories.

The plant Honsha in Toyota City has opened a energy management service that have been installed fuel cells in a fixed hydrogen to feed the facility.


The origin of this proposal comes from the Environmental Challenge Toyota 2050, a challenge that has been imposed by the company itself to achieve their factories do not produce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and to be an example of energy saving and use of renewable energies.

As part of this challenge, is also undertaking other energy saving measures as for example to encourage and allow all employees to be able to manage the use of lights and air conditioning and promote the use of natural light and fans natural.

The new facilities being used from already a set of batteries of hydrogen with a power of 3.5 kW by stack. They also have a plant solar energy that is used as storage batteries recycled from old Toyota Prius.


The Toyota Mirai is a good example of the efficiency of the hydrogen

The set of these two sources of renewable energy is capable of supplying the energy needs of the plant and as a good example of the reuse of resources is taking advantage of the thermal energy generated by the batteries for the air conditioning.

little by Little, Toyota will be expanding the use of renewable energies in the the rest of the facilities of their factories in order to suppress definitely the CO2 emissions.