Track-N-Go, or how to convert your SUV easily into a beast winter unstoppable

Easy, simple, and for the whole family, as was said by one famous tv character. Track-N-Go is the easiest way to convert any SUV with a awd system in an unstoppable machine on the snow. We’re not talking about a few inches of snow, we are talking about a level arctic snow. The solution proposed by someone tired of dealing with the white powder has been converted to any SUV into a kind of tank is not afraid to go over gigantic obstacles covered of snow.

a Few with the best solutions occur to me to explore areas lost north of Canada. In the middle of winter.

How does Track-N-Go? With the help of a few ramps of metal, is fit the wheels of the SUV in the center of the skates caterpillar. The locking mechanism seems simple, replacing the wheel nuts with new nuts of larger dimensions, anchored to the mechanism of the caterpillar. The movement of the wheels is the one that drives the tracks, that do not need to install new axles or adaptation mechanisms, as is necessary in machines off-road, dedicated, as the Ford F-150 snow Ken Block.

The result is impeccable: the vehicle increases its surface of contact with the floor and the free height to the soil it grows in 20 centimeters. Now, it’s not all excitement and happiness of winter. The system weighs in at a whopping 680 kilograms, and limits the maximum speed of the vehicle to approximately 65 km/h. It is not recommended to drive during more than 15 kilometres on hard surfaces, such as Track-N-Go can be damaged. Oh, and costs about $ 25,000. I Think I’d rather buy a snowmobile for that amount…

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