Traffic announces christmas 25.000 controls of alcohol and drugs daily

As every year, the General Directorate of Traffic announces your monitoring plan special for christmas. A plan that aims to intensify controls of drugs and alcohol, in order to deter drivers from getting behind the wheel in a state of intoxication, and to identify those that lead with a few more cups. The surveillance in these dates is more important, if possible, by the fact that the meals and dinners for christmas to increase the number of drivers that will be behind the wheel after having consumed alcohol. Remember that the penalties can reach€ 1,000 and the deduction of 6 points on the driving licence, and even involve prison sentences.

What will be the key of the campaign this year?

  • there will Be more than 25,000 tests per day, on all types of roads, and at any time of the day. Also it will intensify controls in urban areas. Traffic has invited the municipalities with more than 25,000 inhabitants to set up a plan to more intense controls of alcohol and drugs on their streets and urban areas.
  • 84.000 drivers have tested positive in the controls of alcohol and drugs of the Civil Guard in roads. Which in addition will have to add those that have been “hunted” on the way with the competences transferred, that is to say, by the police, local and regional.
  • The rates in excess of 0.60 mg/liter in exhaled air and 1.2 grams/liter in blood, will face a prison term of three to six months.
  • to Overcome the 0.25 mg/liter in exhaled air assumes a fine of 500 euros and 4 points as a minimum. Exceed 0.5 mg/litre assumes a 1,000 euro fine and the deduction of 6 points.

Source: DGT
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