Traffic is irritating to many drivers with a mark in full M-40

Yesterday we knew this story, thanks to a contact that had happened to us a request in to request the traffic authorities to reconsider and find a more suitable solution for the problem. Of the night, in the morning, has appeared on a ledge in full orbital motorway, the M-40 Madrid. We speak of a pathway with a flow of traffic constant and intense, with sections especially problematic in the rush hour, and in which the maximum speed limit except in certain sections, is 100 km/h. What reason has led to the managers of the traffic to install a raised area in the middle of the road?

The ledge in question is located in the area east of M-40, at mile 51, before the entry of the tunnels of El Pardo and in the sense of the section that runs from the A-6, A-1. Unlike what bumps you usually see when you get to intersections or zebra crossings, which are designed to encourage you to slow down to the driver, or the results of the own zebra crossings, that are designed to increase your visibility and, of course, also try the driver to brake, this ledge in question has been placed exactly on top of an expansion joint that was already creating a problem in the drivers for a long time.

The million dollar question, now, is whether this mark-up will remain temporarily until it is resolved, as before, the problem of the expansion joint, or if the ledge will continue bothering the drivers, and generating traffic, indefinitely.


In the above screenshot of Google Street View shows the expansion joint is present in this way before you install the ledge (see link).

For the moment, the highlighting remains, and is signposted with speed limit and signage of works to drivers to ease the speed, and use extreme caution.

in the meantime, and as I said before, the petition of still getting signatures (is already going for more than 1,500 signatories) to apply to the Traffic managers, in a way that depends on the Community of Madrid, that will remove this functionality and to solve the incidence as soon as possible.

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