Traffic premiered their new “safety cameras”, able to that hits you talking on your mobile phone or without a belt

The dilemma, and the fear of a Big Brother that everything is monitored, increases with the technological development. Surely none will doubt how dangerous it is driving without a seat belt. Sure no one wants to cross its path with a driver who is distracted while talking on your mobile phone, without hands free device, or send memes to your friends by Whatsapp. But imagine a scenario in which all of the sections of the roads that we drive daily are watching what we do, and immediately to identify our offences. That scenario is closer than ever. And of time will result in the installation of a series of devices, much like a radar, you will be able to shoot, and punish, those drivers who are talking on your mobile phone or without a belt.

Until now it was necessary that a patrol land, or an agent in a helicopter Pegasus, identify our offense to multarnos. It is the first automated system for detection of drivers without seat belt and talking on the mobile.

Talk of a great step forward in the surveillance of automated violations on the road. Till now we have seen fixed speed cameras, more or less sophisticated; cameras watching red lights; and camera surveillance of streets with restricted access, among others. To identify a driver that circulates without the belt, or talking on the mobile, it was necessary that a patrol earth detected the breach, or that the driver out captured from the monitoring systems for air, the famous helicopters Pegasus.

In the next few weeks will be introduced 70 devices, very similar to the fixed speed cameras, which will identify these violations.


  • Traffic will begin installing these devices in 70 locations, primarily on secondary roads. Later will be installed more similar devices that, although may seem radars, will not identify excesses of speed.

    According to Traffic, the device is very simple to install, and requires little civil work. This will consist of a foot, and a box with the corresponding cameras, able to capture 50 images per second. Call it “radar” is only a license of ours, because it technically does not consist of a radar, which is used in the speed controls to detect to what speed runs every car. The cameras will be monitored by a computer system with image recognition, which will be able to detect drivers without seat belt or using mobile phone. At that time, the camera will capture the offender, and after he verified that there was indeed guilty of a violation, we will process the complaint. Unlike most of the radar installed in Spain, these cameras take pictures by launching bursts to the front of our car.

    Although this campaign will begin with the installation of devices in 70 locations, later on it is planned that the controls will increase. Will be placed primarily on secondary roads, where also will be installed a total of 6 radar section, capable of tracing medium speeds, and not just snapshots, between December and January.

    Traffic is also working on the use of surveillance devices mobile speed, type “gun”, that are able to identify drivers without a seat belt or talking on your mobile phone.

    Source: General Directorate of Traffic
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