Tranquility at McLaren: the engine is broken was 2015


Photo: McLaren

First day of the tests Formula 1 in 2016, and the first rupture of engine McLaren. The ghosts of a 2015 grim and full of faults could be back, but for know we will have to wait until it starts, the 22 of February, in the preseason. What happened on the circuit Paul Ricard is more than a continuation of what was done to Alonso and Button in the last championship. The victim this time was Stoffel Vandoorne, the young pilot chosen for the british team for the two sessions of the test that Pirelli has scheduled to test their rain tires. However, the single-seater and the engine is of the generation of the previous course, so that in the McLaren there is no concern.

So what is narrated in the own Vandoorne: “failure Occurred and the team asked me to stop. But the three teams were utilizing the power unit of last year”. The belgian do not know the age of that engine, but acknowledged that, in any case, the previous plan was to replace face-to Tuesday: “I don’t know how many miles had the engine, but we thought to replace it for the morning, although it was broke before”. The McLaren had managed the second best time of the three participants (Ricciardo, Raikkonen and himself), and bore 87 of the 99 laps allowed, so only lost 12, which was scheduled.

While at Ferrari, Vettel will take the place of Raikkonen and Red Bull we will see Kvyat in the second day, Vandoorne repeat with McLaren. The three teams were prohibited from testing new parts, and so recalled Vandoorne: “is Not allowed, and we were as in the last race”. Therefore, do not be alarmed or draw hasty conclusions, the Honda engine broken in the tests of Pirelli little will have to do with the mount Button and Alonso from the off-season at the Circuit de Catalunya and the first race in Australia. If, on or after February 22, become to result in problems of reliability, will have nothing to do with what happened to Vandoorne.