Transfer market: as well is the grill 2017

Jenson Button en el corralito de prensayou Already know certain movements and rumours that affected the alignment of pilots for the season F1 2017. Some have already gone refuting in an official way when the teams have confirmed their lineups, and others have confirmed when they announced the signing to affect these drivers. We have also seen some pilots veterans will no longer be on the grill of the next world.

Two of the pilots who will no longer be will be Jenson Button and Felipe Massa. The first will take on a new role within the team, McLaren-Honda, adding her expertise to the simulator to accelerate the development of the team and with options of returning in 2018 as it has been rumored if Fernando Alonso leaves the team in the case of not like the new rules that have been approved for 2017.

Felipe Massa, Williams, GP Canadá 2014Massa also go away at the end of this season, not only for his age, but because you do not have a competitive car and has taken this respectable decision. Then also, we have known some of the signings from last time that have been made in some equipment, such as for example the Húlkenberg by Renault, Stroll occupying the site of Massa in Williams, Ocon at Force India, etc, however, there are still teams that have not confirmed or a single pilot and therefore there are several pilots in the air.

Some of them very probably will not change team and others perhaps are moving, therefore the transfer market is still hot. So soon we only know these riders are already confirmed:

Mercedes Rosberg and Hamilton
Ferrari Vettel and Raikkönen
Red Bull Ricciardo and Verstappen
Williams Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon
McLaren-Honda Vandoorne and Alonso
Renault Hülkenberg and Palmer
Toro Rosso Kvyat and Sainz
Sauber – *
Haas – *

*What is more likely is that it could be Grosjean and his partner Magnussen, to occupy the two seats of Haas. In terms of Sauber, perhaps to stay with Samsung and Wherhlein also follow in the Manor. But the rest, as Gutierrez, Nasr (two pilots that are complicated for their future), it is not known what their future will be or if they will be replaced by young pilots of the quarry.