Transporter: Refueled, Frank Martin turns at the wheel of an Audi S8

transporter refueled trailer Transporter: Refueled, vuelve Frank Martin a los mandos de un Audi S8 This fall will come a new release of Transporter. This is a new film in which the only thing that seems to remain unchanged is the base and presence of Audi script as the car of the main character. Transporter: Refueled is the new movie that will not see Jason Statham


We agree that the Transporter series is not a movie saga car, but with them as a parent. Audi returns to earn a spot in what, talking business, called product placement . And the car that has placed this time neither more nor less than a whole Audi S8 .

The sportiest model in the A8 range jumps to the big screen in a set of situations that we do not fully understand. You will have to see the movie, they say. The fact is that the new protagonist is a young Frank Martin, who gives life Actor Ed Skrein .


And say we do not just understand, if we follow the thread of the story Transporter, because it is not normal for a Frank Martin youngest lead car to hit the market later than premiered latest installment Transporter. Accordingly, it is a replacement and there we left. In fact speaks of revenge, so surely there are nods to the character’s story.

In any case, in the video we see much of what we know in Transporter, a lot of action scenes persecution, impossible movements and, of course, many evil to which do not care about the strict rules of the carrier known.

Transporter: Refueled promises to bring back to life the beloved character, now without Statham , but the essence of the previous films. To see if the new creation is worthy of its predecessors, not as controversial television series, will have to wait until its premiere fall .

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