Travel aboard the new KIA Sorento

Maximum resistance , speed, comfort, efficiency and incorporate the latest technology are some of the many notes that could define the new KIA Sorento , that mysterious look, like the wolf howling in light of the moon, presents a series functions share with you today in our blog engine, you dare to discover what hides his almighty structure?

Viaje a bordo del nuevo KIA Soranto Moves alleys, with little trace, many roads crossing the planet. The new KIA Sorento with a front design reminiscent of the penetrating gaze of a wolf hidden in the brush, keeps all its mystery, its hypnotic power and ferocity, the same that allow us to achieve our goals all amenities.

How is the new KIA Sorento

The Spanish retailers bring us this month of March, the third generation KIA Sorento from a price of € 27,500 seven-year warranty a function that fits all models known car company.


In this case, the new Ford Edge set to a sinuous, streamlined profile, it brings present throughout the structure which provides strength, elegance and strength. Through its panoramic sunroof with double glazing daylight in all its glory will leak inside the car and gives a greater sense of spaciousness. Similarly, we must pay attention to the soft and finished cromosatinados their tissues and leather, which shows elegance and style that made the new KIA Sorento.

Cómo es el nuevo KIA Sorento If we go abroad, we will find some lamps both prolific and down, incorporating interesting LED light that helps to increase our visibility on the road, away from our way shadows of the night. On one side of the front design is characteristic of the series D pillar Sorento and shark fin belongs radio and navigation.

The biggest South Korean firm SUV is about something much heavier than their predecessors, more specifically between 30 and 40 kg higher, not to mention who is 9, 5 centimeter much longer, which will be completed translating into greater spaciousness inside.

The ability of your boot is 605 liters with pavement in the second row of rear seats and the third board, so give us the opportunity to include a good luggage when conducting our cruise. Another aspect that seemed straight out of a science fiction movie, is intelligent gate who perceive intelligent key close automatically opens so you can put all purchases.

KIA Sorento

Acceleration and Power

When it comes to their ability to carry out road trip through the 2.2-liter CRDi, mode 4 × 2 manual is able to accelerate from 0-100 km / h at about 8:07 seconds while mode 4 × 4 manual is 9 seconds.

The new KIA Sorento incorporates Diesel engine 200 hp four cylinder and have the choice between manual and automatic transmission and front-wheel drive or automatically connected. This engine will allow you to move quickly along when you travel to your desired destination.

Aceleración y Motor

equipment and technology

When it comes new KIA equipment, we can talk about incorporation of levels Concept, Drive and Emotion , the most simple and basic for all first. The Concept level above include browser with 7-inch screen, cruise control, sensors for parking assistance or dual zone climate control. The next level, called Drive includes panoramic sunroof, power adjustments for the driver’s seat and a toolkit with a full color display. However, the most advanced level of Emotion having active developer of speed or ASCC, browser with 8-inch screen, electric parking brake, audio Infinity brand and semi-automatic parking system, including other.

Another of the most characteristic features of the new KIA Sorento found in relation to the inclusion of a set latest technology will light our way, and finally, we allow you to manage many different vehicle functions with one hand.

Equipamiento y tecnología One of them is related to peripheral system 360 with four cameras that will allow you to have eyes in all directions to park your car in the best possible way and avoid those unsightly scratches result of a maneuver insufficient.

is not insignificant automatic parking assistance , which will guide us if you want to park your car battery and back with a 90 ° angle. For revolutionary detection system blind that the sensors will help us to detect when a car is approaching and proceed to avoid collision.

KIA Sorento por carretera For additional security, System Information Speed ​​Limit so that we can meet the speed limit on our movements, through which incorporates a camera able to read it also incorporates point speed limit on our journey. This system will help to ensure our safety and our companions.

As you can see, the new KIA Sorento with Wolf Eyes gives us comfort, safety and the latest technology, you dare to try?

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