Travel in a Volvo V60 Cross Country to the best restaurant in the world

I’ve Always liked the Volvo family as this V60 Cross Country, since I was a kid and had a small seat for children facing backwards in the trunk. For some reason, are cars since I was a child I invite you to travel with that style cuadradote and robust, as american movie.

Heading to Lasarte in a Volvo family to enjoy a special menu at Martin Berasategui

a Few decades later, there is still something in the Volvo family that attracts me in an irrational way. For that reason we chose a Volvo V60 Cross Country to our journey towards qualified as best restaurant in the world with three Michelin stars, Martín Berasategui on the outskirts of San Sebastian. We pick up the car in Madrid, we went up To la Coruna and then we toured the whole of the cantabrian coast up to Lasarte-Oria, where we expect a tasting menu with 12 dishes and two desserts.

let’s See how we ported our Volvo V60 Cross Country D3 150hp Automatic in the finishing Momentum and fitted to the top.

Volvo V60 Cross Country

incoming: scandinavian design applied to the car

Swedes, norwegians and finns spend many months at home, sheltered from the cold and the night. Its interior design is superb

The scandinavian design is world-famous for being very oriented to the comfort and simplicity. This is probably due to the amount of months that swedes, finns and norwegians were forced to spend in closed spaces, while outside it is very cold and there are hardly a few hours of light. The need to be at home invites us to think in comfortable homes, neutral colors, and natural materials that give a sense of order and cleanliness.

Volvo V60 Cross Country

Inside of a Volvo breathes harmony and coherence

Inside of a Volvo exudes that same sense of harmony and coherence and the V60 Cross Country is not an exception. The protagonist is the center console, a piece of aluminum color driver-oriented and that has spread throughout the range Volvo from them a few years ago. Personally, I like it very much and the fact that it is hollow behind it gives me a feeling of lightness, very nice.

Volvo V60 Cross CountryThe seats are the other major strong point in the car Swedish. In this case, has proved to be very comfortable for this long journey that exceeds the 2,500 km in just 4 stages. If you hold that and you still seem very comfortable, that is what they are.

Volvo V60 Cross Country

First course: isolation, comfort, and security

The main feeling is of isolation, then comfort and finally security

The sensation main that conveys our V60 is the isolation. Despite of equipping a diesel engine D3-150 HP the car wheel in a great silence, especially on the highway. This sense of isolation is one of the main ingredients of the general comfort gear that is also in the air in its interior, topped by few suspensions, long-distance, along with the tires of high-profile, filter out very well the irregularities of the ground, including bands of rough and all kinds of potholes.

Volvo_V60_Cross_Country_mdm_00018last but not least, the V60 also gives us a nice feeling of protection, thanks in part to isolation, in part also thanks to the driving position and ease of handling, but above all thanks to the countless systems of driving assistance that you’ll see below.

Volvo V60 Cross Country

Second course: driving-assisted

We arrive perhaps at the strongest point of the Volvo V60 Cross Country: high level of active safety and the excellent integration of the systems in the actual driving.


Our Volvo equates
* Assistant to involuntary change of lane
* Alert dead angle
* Proximity alert with the vehicle that precedes us
* Braking autonomous emergency
* Automatic headlights with management in light of road and intersection
* Beam of directional light curve
* Adaptive cruise Control capable of maintaining the distance with the vehicle that precedes us, stop to stop total and following a vehicle “guide” even in the city and from a standing start.


How many more miles we made it more comfortable and protected we felt at the wheel

This range of systems can be applied with more or less success depending on your level of sensitivity, the type of reaction and alerts generated, and the level of intrusion that they have in driving human. In this case, at no point in the many miles of highway that we were able to do with it, we had the impulse to disconnect anything, but, on the contrary, how many more miles did more comfortable and protected we felt at the wheel.

Volvo V60 Cross Countrysauces: quality, ergonomics and practicality

The V60 takes a very high note in quality, a remarkable ergonomics and an approved scraping practicality

The V60 takes a very high note in quality, a remarkable ergonomics and an approved scraping practicality, especially because of his small trunk of only 430 litres under the rear parcel shelf and its narrow mouth of load, which contrasts with the large exterior size of the car. This small trunk is the Achilles Heel of the car.

Volvo_V60_Cross_Country_mdm_00014Starting from the quality, the sound of doors and boot, and settings panels, buttons, and knobs make you think a car very well built. Even the automatic shifter knob has a solid feel and consistent that inspires confidence. Once in motion, there are no creaks or looseness anywhere and the controls are smooth and solid. Very well.

Volvo_V60_Cross_Country_mdm_00012The dashboard is fully digital, thereby generating three possible modes: normal, eco and sport. The normal simulates a box, classic Volvo with a large central speedometer, elegant and readable, while the Eco mode we will be punctuating the ride with a needle that goes by filling a reservoir species blue. The sport mode, in red tones, leaves a cuentavueltas as the protagonist and shows the speed by a large middle digit.

Entering the section of ergonomics, everything works very well in regard to the treatment of passengers (seats, driving position), but there are details that will not just be well resolved here and there.

Too many buttons, a very small screen and a regular handling, they leave it behind the competition German ergonomics

on the one hand, the central console has too many buttons, including numeric keys for the control of the phone you are pretty much out of the game in the dashboards of modern. The central screen is very small to properly locate the browser and the operation of the menus is done with the knob farthest to the driver, in clear contrast with the wheels core of its main rivals from Mercedes, BMW and Audi, much better designed.

Volvo_V60_Cross_Country_mdm_00011In the section practicality, a family car of this size has to be first of all capable of transporting a family and luggage, in equal parts. Despite the fact that the cabin is spacious and comfortable, and have very well solved the transport of children with child seats integrated in the own seat, it seems evident that a boot capacity of 430 litres is very far from being what is expected of a car so big.

Volvo_V60_Cross_Country_mdm_00048If we take up the roof can save the ballot, but we will have to equip the network of separation of pets to that is not we come all over and in addition renounce the vision back, and it does not seem to of receipt. missing 100-liter to be the level of competition and a gate larger to be really practical, although it is true that with the rear seats folded down it creates a load surface flat very usable.

Volvo V60 Cross CountryA detail that I seem excellent (although this is an option) is the integration of child seats in the very rear seats. In principle entail a cost that is compensated in part by not having to purchase chairs for children are independent, but their main advantage is that the car can adapt in just a few seconds to carry passengers for adults or children, without the need to install and remove chairs or put them in the trunk to save a specific need of transport.

Volvo_V60_Cross_Country_mdm_00002The fact that the chairs are part of the seat also easy to clean and generates ansación of spaciousness in the rear seat that is very choked with chairs comprehensive, while it is true that the latter give a greater impression of protection from side impacts these small elevators are integrated, by the way, support two different heights.

Volvo V60 Cross Country

With all this equipment, motor D3, leather seats and automatic Geartronic, the drive tested will be going to the 46.600 € of the price

The unit tested is a Volvo V60 D3 150 BHP finished in Momentum (intermediate) with automatic Geartronic, to which have been added three exciting packs optional.

Light Pack (1.383,25 €) add headlight cleaning, rear-view mirrors interior and exterior anti-glare, headlights-xenon active and pack of interior lighting. What’s interesting are the headlights xenon active, controlling the light road junction and point the beam of light to the curves, so that night driving becomes safer and more relaxed when not to be aware of to put or remove the long, while the light beam is very powerful.

Volvo V60 Cross Country IntelliSafe Pro Pack (2.263,50 €) includes the system of information of blind spots, the system of control and alert the driver and the adaptive cruise control, the latter being the jewel of the crown to afford a driving semi-autonomous highway but also in town following a guide car. Combined with the automatic change, let us lead without touching the pedals during the 90% of the route and with a sense of security bestial.

Volvo_V60_Cross_Country_mdm_00013finally, the Family Pack (364,68 €) is the one that includes the rear seats, integral child, another good idea from Volvo which I also recommend, although I don’t have clear the level of safety of these lifts in front to side impacts and in comparison with chairs integrals and in any case they are for children of a certain size, I would say that from 1,20 m of height, begin to fill sufficiently the space behind the belt.

With all this equipment, motor D3, leather seats and automatic Geartronic, the drive tested will be going to the 46.600 € price, a sum very considerable, and that leaves shot numerous cars of the competition that would have to be carefully assessed at that level.

the wine: The dynamic behavior and feel of driving

It’s time to move on and analyze the dynamics of the V60 Cross Country.

Starting of the engine, the truth is that I loved it. The D3 account with a power of 150 HP that go like ring to the finger to move the car, especially for its muscular torque at half speed. This engine, which is also smooth and progressive, allows us to keep cruise elevated to a regime, very low laps combined with the automatic change, which contributes to the silence and a consumption content, but keeping all of your recovery ability.


The automatic Geartronic is worth every euro it costs

One of the keys of the unit tested was its excellent automatic Geartronic eight relations, a prodigy of smoothness, speed, and good selection criterion, in which there occurs at any time sensation of a skid or loss of power, which is fully recommended and to my taste far superior to the manual change. Penalizes a little the fuel consumption and emissions, but I would say that is worth every euro that it costs.

The change does not incorporate cams on the steering wheel, but the operation in manual mode is simple with the lever shifted to the left and allows us to make reductions to move forward or to control descents, getting the best of both worlds.

Volvo_V60_Cross_Country_mdm_00037once in place, the Volvo is left wanting more for comfort, security, isolation and response of the engine and change that behavior in the curve. It is not a car to be able to play or have fun really, because the total absence of information on the part of the steering wheel, which does not convey anything to the driver, and leaves us uninformed about the level of grip remaining.


If the steering were more communicative, they would have gotten a product really round

There are that say in their favor that is a router of the best I have ever tasted, those which invite you to make kilometers and kilometers without getting tired, and the behavior is stable with slight inclinations of body support and a good precision of trajectory. If the steering were more communicative, they would have gotten a product really round.

Volvo V60 Cross Country

dessert: conclusions

Comfortable, secure, quiet and well built, is presented as a vehicle very attractive both in aesthetics and in practical

The Volvo V60 Cross Country has been shown to be a family of high-quality for long trips, with the family and not too much luggage. Comfortable, secure, quiet and well built, is presented as a vehicle very attractive both in aesthetics as in the practical.

Volvo_V60_Cross_Country_mdm_00032Shine with a light of its own measures of active safety features (as many other cars today, and some cheaper) but above all how they have been integrated in a set of “active surveillance” that are perceived clearly without intruding more than necessary on driving. The V60 cares about you.

Are like shadows the small trunk, and a touch of direction that prevents you from having a clear idea of the bond remaining, which move us away from driving fun and leaves us with a relative quiet, but tasteless dynamically.

Volvo_V60_Cross_Country_mdm_00035it Only remains to speak of the restaurant. I don’t know if this is the best restaurant in the world, nor do I think that nobody can affirm it categorically, but I do know that it is the best I’ve tasted in my life.

a Whole experience.