Travel Tips #huyedeltrafico comfortable and safe this summer

Summer . Heat and the urgent need, at every opportunity, put through road and try to leave a burning city in favor of the temporary paradise that is the beach, which is the mountain, the field. Thousands, tens of thousands of displacements, car, kilometers not always face in the best way, so if you’re traveling these days, if you do off the road with your car do not miss these tips , these keys for, as mentioned, do it the best way possible. A new episode of our Flee Traffic saga.

Your car should be in the form

Of course in this review of our car are a must consideration tires . Check condition, wear and pressure.

Primordial before any other key, any other advice. Your car should be ready to face the additional mileage . A quick review of the levels of oil, coolant, may help to solve the odd scare a few kilometers from home. A small review (fluids, brakes, lights, wipers …) will not excessive expenditure and give you the assurance that your car is in the best position to make the trip.

coche-verano-3 Schedule . Consider the route, let’s check your state, know … alternative browsers today can serve as a great help, we can provide all kinds of details about the traffic, if a path is under construction or not. Let us use these tools, browser, applications for mobile, a quick search on the Internet.

With the car ready and our destiny in mind we can not lose sight of another fundamental step before we hit the road: the baggage . Fundamental its convenient location, take in the trunk, no large lumps on the carrier that may impede our vision, without elements that accident, can become real bullets for the occupants.


Nor can we lose sight of a fundamental prior preparation: lies before you leave home . Nothing copious before meals or during the journey.

Comfortable clothes, cool drinks, a good driving position and the wonderful assistance Air conditioning . And the road becomes paramount rest . Whether traveling by day or night is essential to stop, stretch your legs, drink, clear our heads. Usually advised to rest every two hours or every 200 km.

If we travel at night accuse a lower temperature itself, but also need to be more careful against drowsiness. Similarly we must be cautious driving after lunch by drowsiness and heat.

ola-de-calor-04-1440px But last but also essential: do not look a curfew . You’re on vacation. Stupidly try to trim a few minutes drive you can be paid off very, very wrong.

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