Traveling aboard a Kia Rio 2015

All power, speed, ease of use and versatility together in the same car is what you will experience on board new 2015 Kia Rio , the last major innovation of the South Korean company may be Your only from € 8,200 . You feel the power of the road behind the wheel of the new Kia , you dare to enter the hallowed walls of this gem of automotive? Then read on.

Viajando a bordo de un Kia Rio 2015 A golden bathroom renovation that comes to perfecting the latter launched in the year 2011 version, is what we find represented in the new Kia Rio 2015 , an experience that will awaken your senses when you hear the engine the roar of this elegant and faithful horse.

Discover new Kia Rio 2015

With the ability to choose bodies of three or five doors, new KIA RIO you can get a dealer, whether equipped with two diesel engines 75 hp and 90 hp models CRDi 1.1 CRDi and 1.4, respectively, or a device that has two petrol engines of 85 hp and 109 hp 1.2 variants CWT.

Changes in the new Kia Rio

Aesthetically, one of the main changes we can find all dominant structure focusing on proprietary fog lights, bumper and grill, not to mention the changes we too can see the alloy wheels 15, 16 and 17. ” For news, significant changes to be found in inside the vehicle , especially with regard to the controls of sound system, seat covers or same handbrake surrounded by a chrome trim that will delight enthusiasts in the automotive world.

Kia Rio 2015

The latest technology for the new Kia Rio

But what attracts us in our blog engine of this new wonder of the automotive industry is related to the introduction of latest technology so that we have in our hands the power to monitor and control a variety of functions from our car.

Beyond comfort and facilities, these new technological systems provides maximum security . In this sense, when parking you can observe everything around you to avoid friction or unnecessary accident with his intuitive system 7 “ included the picture of rear view camera.

Kia Rio conectividad Entertainment is one of the major advantages that the new Kia Rio 2015 puts in our hands, because such possibility connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or just to play music in streaming issues , not to mention anyone who has an AM / FM radio with digital function.

But technological expertise does not end at this point, since it also puts in our hands many other options to consider. For example, we are talking about rain sensor when it detects the first raindrops are able to activate the wipers. Beside the latter we can find a light sensor that activates the headlights and project light where shadows take ownership of your journey.

Kia Rio 2015 espacio interior

Security and Space in the new Kia Rio

The security , on the other hand, we can also appear in the incorporation of six airbags, a speed limiter, a frame of high strength steel, a monitored system of pressure tires and rear parking sensors.

Kia Rio 2015 espacio can not forget the disposition by a trunk of 288 liters volume, which can expand thanks to the possibility of folding seats 60/40. Speaking of seats, we must emphasize its ergonomic design, plus a soft touch dashboard and good interior space, so that we can move freely.

Kia Rio por la noche The versatility and achieve maximum effect new Kia Rio 2015 , what do you think this new car ?, Encouraging you to climb aboard his powerful structure?

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