Traveling in the dark with Mazda

Have you traveled occasionally dive into the coastal waters and glide over the surface under moonlight as a professional surfer? Mazda made this challenge, as we show in the video below.

Viaja en plena oscuridad con Mazda dressed in their wetsuits and LED lights embedded in clothing, has surfers with long experience behind Laura Crane and Joackim Guichard dared to do the impossible thanks to the initiative of the new Mazda 2 .

To mark this incredible action, the famous car manufacturer gives us the chance to win a trip for a weekend to Barcelona. To do this, you have two options: One of the easiest is to go to the registration form which can be found on the page created for the occasion, namely the “contest” tab and click “I want it” so that from Mazda pay attention to your participation and interest.

But if you want to get an adventure, if anything, more exciting, what you have to do is jump on the back of the new Mazda 2 and guide your virtual vehicles by darkness. To gain access to this game do not forget to follow the steps described in earlier lines.

Mazda What do you think about the opportunity to bring us from Mazda 2

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