Tremble supercars: this BMW 335i Touring has more than 800 horses

I Admit that I love the family sport, that duality between a large trunk and large figures of power, from the Audi RS6 SEAT Leon ST Cupra… but to the people of JB4 Tuning Benelux have completely gone away of the hands: they have given life to a BMW 335i Touring with more than 800 horses of power.

The trainer has not given too many details about the changes, but yes, it is easy to imagine (and to prove that the photos from your Facebook) that the main culprit of such a crowd of horses is your new turbo, although, of course, nor does it lack a new exhaust system, reprogramming of rigor…

The trainer would have gotten 825 horses and 1024 Nm torque of a mechanical 6-cylinder, originally, had with 306 horses and 400 Nm of torque. A genuine savagery that has been accompanied by new reinforcements, brakes and a gearbox that is optimized.

The cosmetic changes are rather more discrete than the result in the power bank, but we may not overlook, and to encounter a new splitter, new side skirts and a rear diffuser, all made of carbon fiber. In addition they have also added a few new tires.

do You prefer the series cars? No, BMW is not going to offer you a BMW 3 Series Touring with such power, in fact there is no BMW M3 Touring, but yes, you can take a BMW 340i xDrive with 326 hp, with a starting price of 55.700 eur and load up on extras of BMW M Performance.


Gallery of images of the BMW 335i trainer by JB4 Tuning Benelux: